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Boxer bang

I like to stick my cock out of my boxer shorts and stroke. I do it by pressing the base of it against the elastic of my shorts.

Toy story

I like to lie flat on my stomach in my bed wearing my baggy boxer shorts, and put a stuffed toy in the back of my boxers. As I move my hips in a circular motion I get aroused by the toy touching my anus. (It can be difficult to do with hard cock). It's difficult to breathe with my face in the pillows, which makes it more intense.

Silk boxers

I first start rubbing my scrotum with a pen cap. I then put on silk boxer shorts and lie on my back in bed. I use my pillow to rub my cock with my legs open (like the missionary position). I use the stop and start method until can't hold it any longer. As I'm about to come I rub my the outer parts of my legs on my sheets. This leads to a massive orgasm.


First of all, I rub my balls wearing only boxers. When my dick starts to harden, I stroke fast and then faster, I do this in 10 to 20 minutes. The sensation is better if your dick rubs to your boxers.

Boxers rule

I wear boxers and love it because when you get horny and need to whack you can just slide your hard cock through the little hole in the front of your boxers, apply any lube (I recommend saliva), then have fun. Or if you enjoy anal pleasures, put the boxers on backwards then use whatever you like to stick in your ass and enjoy.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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