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Fast lane

I like to pull my pants down while driving home on a two lane road. I love it when truckers pass me and see me jacking off.

Stunt driver

I love to masturbate while I'm driving. The freeway is a favorite place for me in heavy traffic. It really turns me on when I look at other drivers, knowing what I am doing downstairs. I always wear track pants when I do this so I can ease them down just above the knees. I stroke myself with one hand and steer with the other. I like to ejaculate when there is a driver beside me with a passenger, preferably female who is only meters from me.


In my car on long trips, with my left leg up I just go to town! The other drivers passing you can see you for that split second. It makes me cum all over!

One hand on the wheel

For some reason, every time I get on the highway, I get horny as hell. I like to start by rubbing my cock through my pants. Then I lay my seat back a little, unzip my fly, and unleash my throbbing cock. I pull my pants down and start rubbing away with one hand and steering with the other. The closer I get to cumming, the faster I drive. When I'm almost ready to explode, I stop myself and drive a little longer. It's so exciting to pass people with your rock had cock standing straight up. I like to pull up close to people (especially truck drivers) and let them see my orgasm.

On the road

I love to masturbate while driving on the interstate. Once I noticed an SUV in the next lane keeping pace with me. Thinking some other guy was watching me jack-off, I looked over timidly to see a very attractive middle-aged woman staring at me and smiling. I was embarrassed but also incredibly turned on, so I decided to give her a bit of a show. I put the car on cruise-control, raised my hips so she could see clearly, and slowly stroked my cock until I came into my fist. Soon after the ""fog"" cleared, she honked her horn, gave me a thumbs-up, and drove away. AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!!

"Any time, any place

I love to masturbate as much as possible. I will jerk off anywhere at any time. I love to jerk off while I am driving down the road. I just cannot seem to keep my hands off of my cock. I love to hear about women's masturbation stories and how they fill their panties with cum.

A big fat one

I love to masturbate while smoking a cigar. It turns me on big time. I would go to a park and sit in my car, light up a cigar and slowly jack off my cock. I would open my car door a little bit. This way people can watch me doing it. It's awesome. A lot of precum with the smell of a cigar. Oh! what a pleasure!

Film at 11

One way I like to masturbate is while I'm driving on the highway. First I make sure there are no close cars, then I will slip my pants down. I get some lube on my hand and start slowly stroking up and down. It feels so good. Normally I'll just stroke it and get it rock hard until I get home. Then when I get home I will videotape my masturbation session so I can watch it later. It's great.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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