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Balls Massage

I take the cup out of a jock strap, and put it over my balls underneath a pair of boxers. I wank full-fisted, and my hand hits the cup, massaging my balls every time I pump. It’s great!

Bicycle pants

This is under the assumption that you are erect. Lay down on the bed. Place a pair of clean bicycle pants over top your cock. Preferably with the fabric of 80% nylon and 20% lycra. Using both your hands to stroke up and down. This fabric is thin so it lets you feel your penis a lot better for better sensation. After which, when you cum it will go into the article of clothing. There shouldn't be any mess.

Fitness freak

Take an old skiing wetsuit and put it on naked. You have to use J-Lube lubricant! Mix up a gallon of it with hot water. Get in an empty bath tub on your back. Unzip a short portion enough to pour the mixture into the wetsuit. After dumping it in, zip your suit back up and start pushing the lube around in the suit. This is an AWESOME feeling, even more so when you are completely shaved. Try laying on your stomach and fuck the floor of the tub.

Surf's up

I like to go for a swim so my board shorts are wet, then rub my hand on the outside of my wet cock until I experience the most wonderful orgasm in the world.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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