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If you can find a condom, put it on your penis. If you have a couch that's about as high as your cock when kneeling, put your dick in between the big cushions (the ones you sit on) and start pumping away. It feels good and you don't have to wipe up the mess because it's all in the rubber.

Bang the couch

When I want to whack it but am not in the mood for just, you know, grabbing my dick and jacking off, I enjoy fucking my couch. It's leather, so its real smooth. if you have a leather couch, here's all you got to do: you are going to be fucking the place where the pads come together, so put some lube in-between there in the approximate area you plan to pump in. You might want to put a paper towel or something on the bottom so your lube and jizz doesn't stain the bottom. Just get on top and pump away. It's wet, smooth and tight. Enjoy.

A great explosion

One of the best techniques I have found is to fuck the pillows on my couch. I put on a condom and kneel down in front of the couch. Then I slide my cock between the cushion and fuck away. It makes for a really great explosion.

Rocking on the couch

I use a sandwich bag, lie on the couch, put my dick between the cushions and hump away. If you have a big couch, it's a must try!

Love that leather

I found a great way to masturbate. I put a picture of a nude woman on my PC and sit on my sofa. In order to do this you must have a leather sofa. I insert my cock inside the gap in the sofa and start fucking the sofa as if it is a pussy while I look at the nude picture. It feels like a real pussy. I also add some lubricant while I fuck the sofa.

Love that couch

Take a plastic baggie, fill it with some lube, then put the baggie between the cushions of the couch and hump away. This feels so great, almost like you're having sex. I didn't think it sounded like a very good technique until I tried it, and now I'm hooked. Just a word of advice: put a towel around the part of the couch that you're gonna screw -- it can get messy.

Hot pad

Take a heating pad and uncover where the vinyl part is bare. Fold the heating pad in half and plug in and slightly warm, Rub the pad well with lube and place (open side) between the mattress (or couch). Lube your dick and place it between the two folded areas of the heating pad. Thrust your way back and forth. The pad is hot and melts the lube and the sensation is great!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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