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I always use a good lube and my thumb and two fingers poking the head of my cock into my navel...I love to cum all over my belly!

Better than sex

I get myself naked and play with myself until I get real hard. I look at my porn books and rub myself real hard. I like to cum all over my hands. I prefer masturbation more to having real sex, which is good for me but not good for my girlfriends.

Up against the wall

Lie on your back right in front of a wall. Put your legs up as high as you can and then kind of pull them back so your cock is above your chest. When you cum let it fall over your chest. It feels cool. I do this sometimes while I rub my ass. I am straight but it feels good.

Salty face-full

I am a 20-year-old male. When I masturbate, I like to lie on my back with my legs all the way up against the wall. That way, when I cum, I shoot all over my face. Sometimes I swallow my own cum. It tastes salty.


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