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Porn trade-off

This is not really my favorite way to masturbate, but since I have engaged, in one way or another, in many of the techniques people talk about in here, I feel that maybe it would be more fun if I described something I have been doing lately which has brought me some fun. (Mostly I like to warm up a piece of cucumber and fuck it in the shower). I like to spend time in chat rooms, but sometimes the fact that it is so impersonal gets to be a little boring and I require something more.

Well, on occasion, I have met a man or woman -- either is fine -- who has started an email exchange with me and in those emails we have started exchanging pics MPGs. I really love it when it is pics of themselves, but recently it has been just porn pics too. I don't know what it is about getting porn pics from someone else and having them describe what they like about them, or what they did while they were looking at them. You get the picture. It really turns me on.

Hard to work

I mostly work from home and I use my computer a lot. I don't only use it for work though - which explains why my cock is already swelling in anticipation before my PC has finished booting! When privacy is assured, I work in the nude and freely satisfy my urge to keep my cock rubbed hard-on. Although I'm straight, I find that stroking and fondling my cock feels even better while looking at other guys with their cocks masturbated stiff. I'm very choosey, but have collected some superb male pics that never fail to turn me on full. One of the best things that ever happened was when I started posting masturbation shots of myself and being told in one way or another that I have a real nice body. As I masturbate, thinking about the visual stimulation my pics are giving others enhances my own pleasure incredibly - thoroughly recommended. As someone who can easily masturbate like this all day long, the only downside is that I often don't get much work done!

In your face

I like to get totally naked and get on my computer. I go to chat rooms and talk to people, look at porn, etc. I find someone male or female who is willing to command me on what to do to myself as I jack off. I'm some what bi-curious, so I'll even let guys do it. Try it for two hours without getting off. Then go into your bathroom, put your legs and butt up against the wall so your penis is pointing right in your face, and when you get off you get a nice hot load in your mouth or on your face. Make sure you lock the door!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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