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Spray paint

When opening a champagne bottle it is usually done to celebrate something. Well no matter how you wish to masturbate, as you are at your climax and about ready to blow, put your thumb on the eye of your penis and jizz. It's like shaking a bottle of champagne and spraying it everywhere. Makes for a good party trick.

Taint nothing

I usually proceed with a basic one handed jack-off session but as I am about to achieve orgasm, I press my middle finger between my balls and ass. Harder pressure means greater orgasm

Sink it

Press your scrotum against the smooth, round corner of the bathroom sink. The pressure against your scrotum/balls will pull back the skin on your cock, making the surface smooth and taut. This greatly increases sensation all over the surface of the cock. Gently massage the shaft and head with Albolene (cleansing cream), which has just the right consistency for perfect j/o. Too much or too little Albolene will detract from the ""perfect"" sensation. By trial and error, you'll discover just the right amount of cream to use. When you're getting close to cumming, stop. When your cock settles down (touches the cool edge of the porcelain sink), you can resume stroking. Continue like this till you're ready to cum (which might not be till after many days of extremely pleasurable stroking). The fact that your balls are pulled backward will prevent you from ejaculating your entire load, and you'll be able to go at it again that much sooner. If anybody is getting tired of the ""same old thing"", this is a technique I never tire of. It's fantastic and much better than mere words could say.

Long hot shower

Lie in the shower with your legs apart and let the water fall on your penis. If the water spreads enough, you can also get it falling on your balls, and even your butt at the same time. The result is a really slow build up and a very satisfying ejaculation. When doing it dry, stroke the whole length really slowly and increase pressure around the tip. When you feel close to ejaculation, stop. Let it go back, and start again. Do this half a dozen times until you can't stand it. Then do it again only this time really slow right to the point of ejaculation, and then squeeze your penis in the middle to block off the semen. It usually has too much pressure to hold in, but try to stop it coming. The process causes a very prolonged and intense orgasm.

Step-by-step instructions

This is a way to achieve a very strong and very long orgasm which I use at least once a day:

1. Completely remove all hairs from your penis, balls and surrounding area. You could do it by shaving, but I recommend using an electrical epilator which removes hairs with their roots. You will have a silky smooth pubic area for at least two months with no itching and no growing hairs.

2. Lying on your back, lubricate the penis and pubic area and start stroking using your non-writing hand. If you wish you could put in a butt-plug but it's not obligatory. Do not hurry. The erection will come slowly but will be much harder.

3. Once you get a full erection, take the balls with the palm of your writing hand and press them back towards the anus as far as they can go. This will fully retract and stretch the skin from the shaft.

4. Holding the balls, start massaging your prostate with the fingers of the same hand. Simultaneously press the penis with the other hand toward the pubic bone and massage it with circular movements, keeping your palm flat.

5. When you get close to orgasm, keep on massaging, slightly release the pressure on the penis and start pressing and massaging with your fingers on the lower part of the shaft near the balls. Don't loosen the balls and keep the skin as stretched as possible (with no pain of course).

6. Control yourself and do not ejaculate. If you are about to cum, stop the massage, slightly loosen balls and hardly and quickly press and release the prostate 2 to 3 times, which will prevent ejaculation. Then repeat everything. Keep your penis well lubricated.

Following the above you will have a strong and exhausting orgasm. After you finish, do not stop. Gently stroke the penis, holding the skin and not allowing it to move forwards. Doing this until full loss of erection will give you additional pleasure. The side effect (it's just my opinion) is after several weeks of daily performing this exercise you will notice a slight increase in size of the penis.

Keeps on coming

I like to masturbate until I almost cum then stop. I do this until I shoot spunk without cumming. My penis feels incredible. I then start again and cum properly with a fantastic feeling. I'm 48 and I am cumming every day. The older I get the more I enjoy my penis!

Flex time

Sometimes I like to try to ejaculate without actually cumming. I do it like this: I jack off until I'm just about to cum but I stop and flex my muscle that stops urine, and a big squirt of semen will shoot out. I can do this a couple of times before I actually cum!

Go for distance

I love to stroke my penis for hours before I let it shoot, then stand and watch how far I can pump the semen out of my throbbing erection. The length of time and excitement level sometimes make for an incredibly intense and messy orgasm due to the volume of semen, and I take full advantage of this as I let my penis spray. I love it if I get 6 or 7 spurts!


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