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Pure paradise

Well, I think masturbation is paradise on earth. I mean you don't need a gal to enjoy sex. Just do it, with your own imagination.

A picture says a thousand words!

I visit one of my friend's websites where she has a lot of photos of herself posing in sexy swimwear (no nude photos though). I imagine her naked and stroke myself up and down. With some more imagination, I fantasize her kneeling in front of me, ready for a huge load of cum on her face and hair. I cum (for her) in no time.

Mind over matter

When I jerk off, I always imagine that somebody, preferably a woman, is giving me a blow job! When your power of imagination is high, the orgasm is huge too!

Skirting the issue

I like to make it last long. I wear some white shorts and think about sexy girls in miniskirts. I give them names that sound sexy like Stephanie or Louise and imagine them sucking my penis. This makes me wet with excitement and I like to lie on my front and slowly thrust. Don't you love that feeling? As I come, I say the girl's name and come in my shorts imagining that I am squirting and staining their miniskirts.

Golden oldie

I have a fetish for older women so I typically imagine fucking my mother-in-law or another golden oldie that I've come across.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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