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Nerf turf

I cut a slit into the end of an old Nerf football. I just stick a condom on, lube it up real well, and I start pumping the football. It feels really good.

Like the real thing!

You know those stress balls (same material as the keyboard wrist rest)? Get one of those and open it and make the inside a little hollow. Make it so that your dick can fit into it when you stretch it. Then lube the inside (I use my spit) and start stroking! Mine looks a lot like a vagina. I love this!

Cup and balls

Use a big plastic cup, like from baseball games. Put either 3 soft foam balls or 3 balled-up pairs of socks in the mouth of the cup. Put some hand lotion in 2 plastic bags, then put one over the other over your penis; then push your penis in the middle of the 3 balls. You can thrust in the cup if you can hold it down on something, or move it with your hand, but the most amazing is to twirl it back and forth on the hand of your penis until you come. It's like a very wet blow job.

Nice set-up

The best method I've discovered for hot masturbation is this: I went to a fabric/crafts store and got a block of foam rubber. I used a pair of scissors and an Exacto knife to bore a hole through the center of the foam block. Then I put a large Ziploc bag into the hole, so the end was hanging out, and the opening was folded back over the edges of the foam. I remove the top drawer of my dresser and wedge the foam block into the hole. It holds it perfect and doesn't move! Then I lube up my cock and slide it into the hole. I'm able to pump and pump until I have the most amazing orgasms! Then I can just throw the bag away and use the foam again later. A few times I also wedged a long handle bath brush under the foam block, and positioned it to rub against the underside of my balls as I pump. This was amazing!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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