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Get an orange (or any other soft fruit) and cut a hole in it smaller than the size of your cock. You can cut a hole all the way through or almost all the way through. Experiment with it. Next, get a sandwich bag and put the orange a little ways in it (the area with the hole facing towards you.) Set the plastic bag with the orange in it between two mattresses. Push down on the mattress a little bit so it don't move and start pumping away. Feels fucking great, you also get the sucking noises too!! The bag is so all the juices don't get all over the mattress.

Mango Madness

Cut a ripe mango in half, remove the seed and eat the soft flesh with a spoon. Leave about a one-eight inch layer of mango on the skins. Use these to masturbate - the sensation is fantastic and your cock will taste great too!

Hot mango

I like to get a mango peel and put it in the microwave and wrap it around my cock. It feels like a warm pussy.


Cucumbers are a man's best friend. Use a cucumber to jack off and it will increase how far you cum!

Cuke it!

Cucumbers are great!! Clean the middle out of it, place your penis in it, and twist in a clockwise motion.

Cucumber Bedding

I like wanking with a cucumber. First cut a hole into it a bit smaller than your cock. Then put it under a mattress and fuck it until you cream your load.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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