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Butter nutter

Get a tub of butter or margarine. Place sealed tub in bowl of warm water for five minutes. The outer most part of the butter should have melted. Get your self a rubber (unless you like jism-flavored butter!), place it on your beast, hollow out a penis-sized hole in the butter, insert erect penis and start boning that hot sexy bitch! For extra pleasure insert a peanut into the opening at the hole near the top!

Incredible edible egg

Raw eggs feel like a wet mouth.

Stop and go method

First I need to get myself hard. I do that by looking at these stories and pics of black and Latin girls. After I get hard I take a frozen hot dog and stick it up my ass. After that I jerk off with something warm (pancakes work for me). When I'm about to come I stop (use the stop and go method). Wait, then do it again till I'm about to unload the biggest ever. I usually aim my cum at food (popcorn is the best). After finishing, just have fun and eat your food mixed with your cum!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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