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Skin it

Grab the foreskin of your cock and move it up and down your shaft while jacking off. It feels great!

Foreskin play

If you have a long foreskin, try jacking off until you are about to cum, and then with your other hand pull your foreskin forward over the end of your cock and squeeze the end closed. Because of the build-up of pressure, the cum shoots out a long way in thin streams and the rest of it builds up under your foreskin and you can see it swell up with the build-up of cum. I like to then pull back the foreskin and let the rest of the cum run into my hand and then rub it over and into my arse.

Block your cock

This is just for uncut guys. Do whatever masturbation technique you normally do but when you're ready to blow your load, put your cock up against something or someone. Then right before you're about to explode, pull back your foreskin as far back as you can, and hold it there until you're done cumming. This feels amazing. If you do it right, it'll feel like it's stuck and won't come out at first, but then all of a sudden it explodes out of your cock like a freight train. The sensations are amazing.

Foreskin fun

If you haven't had your foreskin taken off, then move your skin back and forth. It feels great!

It's all in your head

I like to lie down completely naked and get some lube. Since I'm uncircumcised I pull my foreskin all the way down and lube up the head of my penis. Then I stroke and stroke. I fantasize that a hot girl is sucking my dick. It feels really good. The orgasm is amazing and there is tons of cum.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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