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Carpet burn

I like to look at some porn like a movie or a book. Then I lie on my stomach (on carpet) and while looking at the porn I rub my cock on the carpet. It feels great!


With both hands stroke your penis like you are trying to start a fire in the old Indian movies. The sensation is great and the orgasm is huge.

Boy Scout

Get your hands and dick all dry. Then put your dick between your hands and start turning them like you are trying to make a fire using friction.

Sweet spot

Rather than pump away with my dick in my fist, I like to rub the ""sweet spot"" (you guys know where it is) across or in a circular motion. Add a little spit, and wow!!! Very different sensations! Powerful cum!

Boy Scout trick

I learned this in Boy Scouts: Get horny then get some lube. I use Vaseline. Put your hands on your dick, then rub them together with your dick in between them. The orgasm is intense.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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