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Artificial pussy

I like to masturbate in what I call an artificial pussy. I get a condom and put a little bit of lotion or KY inside (no Vaseline, it will dissolve the latex). I slip my dick inside and either wrap a pillow around it or stick it between the mattress and box springs on my bed. From there I just do what comes naturally, I move my hips in a coital motion until I cum. It's the closest thing to sex with a real partner that I've ever tried.

Bed Fuck

I lie on my bed with my dick hard against it and move up and down rubbing my dick. It feels like I am fucking a girl. Grab the pillow and hold it in your hands as if is some juicy tits. Feels great!!

Face down

I lie face down on my bed and gently rub my penis on the bed. Sometimes I take my clothes off. I usually eat my cum.

Visual aids

Usually, I go to websites with a lot of porn, like naked women, etc. Then I stare really hard at the pictures and try to remember them. When I'm done, I go up to my bed and as I'm pressing my cock against the mattress as hard as I can, I think about those pictures. Then I really cum!

Practice makes perfect

Well, I'm 18 and I have been masturbating for 4 years now. I usually do it about 3 times a day every single day. I start by getting my cock hard by thinking about a naked chick, then as I get hard I slap my dick as hard as I can. This makes me even harder and I usually moan loudly.

When I'm fully hard, I cup my balls with one hand and I squeeze them as tight as I can. Then I stick my hard 8-inch dick in a small hole in my bed mattress and start to pump in and out. I do this for close to an hour. Then when I'm ready to cum, I lie on my back and point my dick towards my mouth and eat my own cum. It tastes so good.

Bag of tricks

Get a plastic bag, fill it with lotion, and put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Then put it in between the mattress and fuck it. It feels really good, almost as good as a pussy.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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