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Lube-less wonder

I know the lube is the be-all and end-all of masturbating, but I actually don't use any lube at all! I have enough skin around my cock that I can jerk off without lube. It feels really good to just slide the skin up and down my shaft, and when I want to I can cum in a good amount of time and have a REALLY strong orgasm. My legs shake and I squirt all over myself. It's a lot of fun. If you can, try it dry. Use every finger except your pinky and grasp your cock with only your fingertips. Slide up and down as slow or fast as you want - you won't be disappointed.

Grip it

Lube up your stroking hand with Vaseline or Astroglide. Grip your cock with your thumb and forefinger around the base stroking backwards to the tip being sure to squeeze the tip and maintain your grip. This feels the closest to pussy as I have gotten by myself.

Variety is the spice of life

Well, I do the normal jerk with an open fist with my knuckles pointing away, or an open fist with my knuckles pointing up as if it was anal sex.

Reverse grip

Jerk like you would normally, except turn your fist so that your thumb points toward your pubes. It feels like someone else is jerking you! Fabulous...

Spit shine

First, spit some saliva onto the head of your cock, then, put your thumb and index fingers just beneath your head and close all fingers around your cock. Now, slowly turn your hand as if you were turning a motorbike handle. It creates an excellent handjob feeling. However, this may not work for people with curved or under 6-inch penises.

The grip

Sometimes to get a change from the basic whacking grip, I like to hold my dick like it's a pen, holding it with the index finger and thumb. The good thing is that my middle finger knuckle gently rubs the side of my dick.

Finger play

Lock your fingers together and form a cup. Cup your shaft and massage up and down with your palms only. Push with the base of your palms and use your thumbs to push up and down on the top of your dick. Try to push as hard as possible and make sure you are fairly well lubricated. Baby oil or even vegetable oil is nice. When you reach the head with your thumbs, circle out and stroke the glans before sliding back down. Toss away!!

Circular motion

One good way is to hold your cock with one hand so only the tip of your dick is exposed. Lube the other hand and rub the palm of the hand in a circler motion touching only the area where the hole is. It seems a little different.

Circle jerk

What I do when I'm really horny is I take my index finger, my middle finger and my thumb and make them into a circle. Then I slowly go over my head. No lube works the best.

Two finger mambo

I like to use two fingers and thumb just below the head and just work the head, slowly at first to build up the horniness and then faster as you feel the load begin to rise, and at the end pump as fast and furious as you can and watch the cum fly out.

Slow and Sure

Put your index and middle fingers on the bottom of your dick and move in a circular motion. It takes awhile but the feeling is GREAT!!!!

Get a grip

I found a way that gets me hard in a number of seconds. If I'm already horny, I wrap my hand on the base of my dick really tight and stroke my dick up and down really hard. While I'm doing this, my other hand is holding onto my balls, allowing me to get harder quicker. I've came using this technique a couple times and the orgasm is great.

Three-finger monty

With my left thumb, index, and middle finger, I grab the skin under my penis close to the head, and rub my thumb back and forth with the other two fingers on the other side, and the skin in the middle. (Make sure there's a good grip on the skin. Different pressures yield different results. Also, be careful -- it would be a good idea to cut your fingernails before doing this.) I rub the same fingers up and down on the base of my penis, with the thumb on top and the other two fingers below. (Using lubrication with this method isn't very beneficial, because you can't get good enough of a grip.)

Good grip

When I jerk off I like to cup my balls with one hand and get a good grip on my shaft with the other hand and keep stroking with my hand wrapped tightly around my cock. I like to cup my hand around the head and feel the ring. What an orgasm it brings on.

Make me up

Whenever I feel like a really good blow job, one really cheap toy I've discovered for masturbation is a make -up brush. When I masturbate I like to take the brush and use it all over my penis and testicles. It feels like getting an awesome blowjob! It also feels wonderful everywhere else too.

Ring it

No oil, no gel needed. Make sure your hands and dick are dry. Make a ring with your thumb and forefinger and go up and down the shaft of your dick without squeezing at all, barely causing friction. It takes a long time to cum, but well worth the wait, you'll see.

Pulsating pud

When I was a teenager I used to masturbate using my hand until I got near the climax. Then I would roll a tissue up into a little point like a ballpoint pen. I would use it to tickle my cock until it made that little pulse-like jump. Then I would hold off. Then I would tickle again until my cock pulsed. I would do this for about half an hour. The pulses/jumps would get closer each time until my cock would almost pulse immediately when I touching it. The experience used to make me feel like my entire body was spinning in the room or floating up near the ceiling. The climax was intense.


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