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Shiver me timbers

Make sure you are hard. Place your balls on a tray of ice so they nice and cold. While your balls are on the tray of ice, take a roll of paper towels and lube up the cardboard inside. Grab towels firmly, stoke until finished! (Not sure exactly what the ice does, but it helps me shoot big loads!!)

Finger and ice is nice

I like to beat off while fingering my anus. When I am close to orgasm, I remove my fingers and shove an ice cube or two directly into my anus and it makes me orgasm all over the place.

Icy goodness

Just fitting a few ice cubes into your anus chills the prostate and gives the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life!

Ice is nice

Get an ice cube. Then slowly slide it up and down the ""dong"". This may be cold at first, but it will be fine in a bit. Get a mini-powered fan and set it on a table so that it blows at your cock. This will give it a wonderful sensational eruption. Have a nice explosion!

Cool touch on a hot day

First get a plastic bag and place in the freezer for half an hour, till it gets cold. Strip; I love being naked when I jack off. Lube up your cock with a mixture of Vaseline and toothpaste (the toothpaste stings, it feels great) and wrap the cold plastic bag around your rock hard utensil, then insert a small spoon (make sure it is cold) up your ass. Then pump away. This is fantastic on a hot day. But anytime works great the coldness on your cock make you want to pump faster and faster. I am stiff now just thinking about this.

Love on the rocks

Shove an ice cube up your ass and wait for it to melt and jack off at the same time.

Cumming clean

I get in the shower with the water as hot as I can stand it (with my back to the shower) and take a big plastic soup bowl filled with ice water and let my balls soak in it until they ache and I can no longer take it. While my balls are soaking, I rub myself hard and proceed to masturbate. The feeling when I shoot is fantastic.

The Arctic job

I take a bowl and fill it with ice cubes. Then I lie flat on the floor, naked. Then I watch a video tape I made for myself from things that excite me, from porn to others. While I watch it I rub the ice cubes on my cock, one at a time. The end result is very, very cool.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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