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Beach balling

My favorite way to masturbate is using a medium sized beach ball inserted down between two pairs of underwear worn backwards. I then take a small air pump used for fish aquariums and use about a 6-foot length of air hose and attach the hose to the valve of the beach ball. I lay down on the bed and read porn magazines while I slowly hump the beach ball till I have a massive orgasm!

Bop 'em sock 'em

Although nothing is as good as an actual vagina, I like getting a bop 'em boxing glove, blow it up, put lube in it and go off.

Wing on Water

I recently found a great jerk off toy, and they are cheap and easy. Go to any variety store, Wal-Mart, dollar stores, etc. Buy a pair of water wings, those little inflatable swimming aids. Lube it up, blow it up, and then lube your unit. Put it on, find a position that works for you, and GO!!!

Floating Pleasure

I lube my cock up and slip it in to a swimming arm band and fuck it. I usually get on my knees and set it on top of something and hold it down or wedge it in between something.

Water wings

This is one of the best things I have ever found. Go buy a pair of kids' water wings, the kind they use when they are swimming. Blow them up and use some Vaseline, and presto, you have the best artificial pussy you can find! These things feel so fucking good you'll be stocking up all summer long. Buy a few because you cant find them in the wintertime...after awhile the Vaseline makes the vinyl get hard and they're much better when they're soft.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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