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Obtain some latex surgical gloves or some kind of a super strong condom. Go crank up the bathtub and start stroking a bit. The water should be warm. Fill the latex glove with water from the faucet. Blow it up but not too big to the point it's about to pop. For some odd reason just doing this is erotic and gets you erect. Blow up another one. Now comes the fun. Use your mind. Pretend they are massive breasts. Hump them, lick the fingers which resemble nipples, or drain the tub and smatter a water-based lube inside for some slippery action. You'll orgasm when you find a hot position and go at it quickly. Super cool.

Get gloved

For the latex fetishist: Instead of using a lube, try using a pair of medical latex gloves (the white ones, not the dishwashing ones). Make sure they fit extra-tight so that feeling in the hand is numb and cold. It feels amazing and almost feels as if you are receiving a hand job from someone else.

Fits Like a Glove

Try this: get 2 latex gloves like doctors use, and fill then up with warm, not hot, water. Use any type of lubrication you like, I find hand lotion to be the best. Put the lotion all over the warm gloves, and all over your cock. Hold the two gloves together and slide your dick in.

Patience is a virtue

When I masturbate, I like to lubricate a latex glove (unpowdered) with a lot of Vaseline on the THUMB part or the index finger on the inside (the tighter the better), insert my wiggler into the desired finger slot and sandwich it between my two pillows. Every time I'm about to cum I pause for 1 or 2 minutes, then I start over. I repeat this for about half an hour and have such a powerful orgasm! I fall asleep and wake up the next day with the greatest feeling!!!

Feels good!

Take a medical glove and add some Vaseline or other lubricant. Start the stroking motion. Guaranteed to please!

Handy helper

I recently learned a way to simulate penetrating a vagina: Take a latex glove and snip the end of the middle finger off. Then take the glove and wrap it in a hand towel, leave the end of the snipped middle finger sticking out one end. Make sure you don't wrap up the towel too tight, and then take a few thin rubber bands and wrap them around the rolled up towel. Make sure it isn't too tight.

Then take the part of the middle finger that's sticking out one end and wrap it around the edges of the towel, leaving a tight hole. Then take a lot of lube and apply it to the inside of the glove with your fingers until it's really slippery. Then grab the opening and stretch it until the head of your penis is inside the glove, then hold the wrapped towel the way you would hold your penis while masturbating, and start pumping your penis in and out of the glove.

This won't work unless you use a lot of lubricant. Once you finally make it the right tightness, and the right slipperiness, it'll be the best masturbation of your life!

Latex love

I used to work in a science lab and steal the latex gloves we used there. Get some and try putting a bit of cooking oil or any lube on them. Wank off with one hand while sticking a lubed finger of your other hand up your ass. Oh, don't forget to point your dick at your face when you cum! I do!

Cock in glove

What I do is I lube up my hard dick and put a latex glove on my lubed cock. Then I masturbate. I do this regularly. Ooh, it feels so good.

Surgical tantra

Lately I have rediscovered the surgical glove method. I have also studied some tantric exercises that have doubled the intensity of my orgasm.


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