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Thigh play

First I like to lube up my inner thighs, then lube up my cock. Next I stick my cock between the thighs that are lubed up and keep pushing my cock until I climax, pushing my cock with my middle and ring finger. I do this a lot.


For this you need fairly decent length and girth but it feels so damn good!! This is best done in a bath, or stand on a bin liner which you can throw away afterwards. The thing is to crouch down on your tippy-toes and point your hard-on downwards. Grasp your cock between both your ankles (or lower legs) and move your weight up and down so you start to masturbate with your ankles. If you can't keep hold of your cock try wrapping stuff round your legs to make them fatter, but skin on skin feels best!!

Cross and Jerk

First lay (or stand). Start jerking. Now think of some hot babe naked. Remember to cross your legs.

Relax and climax

I usually lie on my back and tighten my leg and thigh muscles for the first few strokes, until my erection is fully extended and the sensations overpower my whole body. To prolong the self-passion I relax my muscles completely (except for my right arm and hand, which continues to pump away), and the wave of sensuality at the point of ejaculation is lengthened and so powerful its unbearable.

Accidental pleasure

I found this way out by accident when I was little. I usually sit down somewhere. Look at a sexy picture or check out your neighbor's wife when she's gardening and imagine that your fucking her doggy-style or just think of something that turns you on. Now, take your right hand and hold your dick and start rubbing it against your left thigh. The skin that is right under the tip of your penis should touch the thigh. Just go back and forth until you feel like cumming. And if you don't want to cum just then, when you are about to cum, close your thighs with your sack above them and just try to hold it in.


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