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Self-Lubricating Male

I used to masturbate wearing a condom and using my pre-cum as lubricant. When I had ejaculated, I would slip the rubber off, roll it up, and put it in a plastic film canister, which kept it from drying out. The next time I masturbated, I'd unroll the condom, slip it on, and use my previous ejaculate as lubricant. I've used the same rubber over and over this way, though I would squeeze some of the cum out of it when it started getting too full. Your own cum makes a really sexy and effective lubricant.

Tupperware lube

Great tip. After masturbating with a pair of silky panties, save your cum in a small container. An hour later you can use your prize to lubricate yourself for the next session. Very Hot!

Take a break

Sometimes, I'll refrain from jerking for a long time (for me, that's 2-3 days). Then when I get all hot, I'll rent XXX movies and start jerking. I like to squat down on the floor and lean against my bed. That allows me to stick my finger up my ass easily. I always lube my ass, sometimes my dick too. I jerk until I can't stand it, until I'm gonna cum. Then I stop! You have to have the discipline to do it *right before*. If you do it right, your penis will jerk and ejaculate on its own, but you won't orgasm! Hold your hand out to catch your warm cum, but don't touch your dick at all or you'll misfire your orgasm while you're ejaculating. After the squirting, I like to shove my cum up my ass, rub it on my face, and eat it. I'm usually grossed by this, but not at this point! Then I use my still-warm cum as a natural, and very excellent lubricant and resume the jerking. I explode! If you have the control, you can do this multiple times. I've done it four times before I can't stand it.

Gooey afterglow

I like to jack off in many ways but after I jack off I like to finger my ass with my cum.

Let it flow

When I am very turned on, the first bit of pee in my bladder is very slippery. I pee on myself a little and rub it on my cock, thighs and ass. The smell is exhilarating.

Cum rubdown

I lay in my bed at night and rub my cock up and down till I start too get a little cum out. I rub it even harder and the cum starts to pour out of it. I take the cum and rub it all over my chest and stomach with my right hand as I rub my dick with my left hand, and then I cum again.

Cum scouts

I have two ways I love to jack off. You can adapt this for yourself by saving your own cum in a film canister. I learned the first one while in Scouts. During a campout, my friend and I were jacking off. He, being a smart ass, shot onto my balls. This made me shoot right then and there. Now I love to rub my own cum onto my balls. The other method is to rub the cum into your ass crack. It's a very good feeling and you can play with your hole if you wish.

A good stiff drink

Cum in a drinking glass, save it and wank off with it the next time you need to. You can warm the cum up first a little in the microwave. It makes an excellent lube for sticking things up your anus too. Next time someone's at your house give them the glass you shot cum into to drink out of.

Good for the skin

Well, I usually squirt some hand cream on my penis and masturbate until I cum all over my belly. Then I rub it all over me. (Pretty sick, eh?)


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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