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Sex Grease

I've always like to use lube, when I masturbate, and recently I've found a great lubricant called Sex Grease. It's great to jack off with, or use with condoms, because it's water soluble. It's great to jerk off with, and cheap too!


I'm a Japanese guy that can speak English. When I masturbate, I put lube on my hard, erected penis. Then, I rub it hard many times. I usually think about a wet pussy. I usually come in such a short time. I masturbate about 5 or 6 times a day.

Good hair goo

My mother bought this thick Vaseline-like hair goo. It smells like coconut, and it is perfect. None of that lotion smell, and it's easier to wash off than Vaseline. You don't even have to wash your underwear afterwards.

Aloe Vera

I get Aloe Vera Cream and rub it on my dick and start jacking off. Aloe Vera directly from the plant is even better - the sensation is great!!

Margarine method

I use hand lotion all over my dick to start with and rub it in. Then I use some margarine that has been left on some paper towels for a few days beforehand; this causes the lighter oils in the margarine to soak into the paper, resulting in a thicker mix which feels better. I prefer this to KY Jelly as it doesn't dry out and is cheaper. It also helps to wash your hands before as the skin absorbs moisture and they stay softer. Sometimes I've almost passed out when I blow my nuts with this method, and I seem to squirt cum further as well.

Every drop counts

I like to sit in front of my computer naked reading a good nasty story. I lube up my asshole and insert a large vibrating bullet and turn it on. Then I lube up my cock, balls and nipples and start massaging until everything is erect. I like it very wet, so I apply a lot of lube and keep it very moist with my saliva. I keep pumping my cock until I am about ready to cum, then stop and restart many times. This builds up an enormous amount of cum and a very strong orgasm. I then lick up every drop of my cum. I just love the taste of it and I never waste a drop.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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