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Use your veggies

I like to use a little big of vegetable oil on my penis. It makes the skin so slippery and moist. Much better than the old fashioned ""dry hump"" dry hand method. I have also found that if I do a slight twist as I reach the middle of the shaft (closer to the head than the base) it helps to stimulate a little more of the penis. I hope these tips help. I am working on a nice ""behind the back"" style but I have a few kinks to work out.

Corn oil and fresh milk cream

Well guys, I use plenty of corn oil or fresh milk cream for jacking off. I go very slow, frequently taking the corn oil or cream in my palm and rub it very delicately over my cock. I always jack-off in front of a mirror. It adds to my sensation and makes my cock so rock hard and the pleasure keeps intensifying that I can't describe it in words. Just do it my way and feel the difference. As I said use at least a cup of corn oil or fresh cream and go very slowly. I seldom shoot my cum in the sink or floor. Because I go very slowly, I shoot in short spasm in my palm and keep smearing my hot cum over my cock. Boy! Oil or cream mixed with fresh hot jism just doubles the sensation.

Olive oil

Put some warmed olive oil on your abdomen from your pubes to your belly button or beyond, and on your hand. Now rub your cock in circular motion against your belly. Awesome feeling! You can even pump against your own belly a bit.

Slippery smooth

Using baby oil so that it is smooth and slippery ... oh it is really great. In just seconds you will be in heaven!

Head massage

I love to masturbate. I start off by looking at some pics of naked women, as most men do. This really gets me going. Once I get hard, I pull the skin back off my penis. Usually, there is a lot of precum starting to come out. I hold my penis in my right hand, and rub the head with some mineral oil on my left hand. I usually use the palm of my left hand to stroke the head. I love the feeling this brings me. It makes me so hot, until I cum.


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