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I personally use my own spit to masturbate. It does dry fast, but the climax is awesome.

Stretch the skin

I hold my dick skin with my right hand tightly down and grab my nuts and spit on my left hand and make my penis wet and I rub the end of it. It is one of the best feelings and you last before a wonderful orgasm.


Spit all over your hand and use the spit as a lube. It feels great!

Slippery strokes

At night I spread a bath towel along the queen-size bed and sit on it while leaning 45 degrees on three pillows. I pull the blankets over my head until they reach the pillows. I position the light so it shows up my clean-shaven genitals. I lift my knees to make a tent. I spit gobs of saliva on plastic Glad wrap and then wrap it around my stiff cock. I make a peace sign with two fingers on my left hand (I'm left-handed) and press the base of my cock, while I make a mouth-shape with the fingers on my right hand and wrap the head of my cock.

I pump (press then relax) the cock head wrapped with Glad wrap, quickly or slowly. I keep adding more saliva on the head as some of it drops to my balls. I rub the saliva around the balls constantly until they feel soaked. Pause before you cum, and pump slowly until you can't hold it back anymore, then you explode.

A good squirt

I like to masturbate using my saliva only. It flows like hell when you are at it and when it drips onto my balls and asshole, the feeling is awesome! I watch porn at the same time, and when it cums, my juice flies all over the place!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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