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Vaseline intensive care

I like to shave all of my pubic hair off so that I get a nice smooth cock. Then I mix together a little Vaseline and a little bit of water. I warm it in the microwave (but not too warm) then I spread all over my dick and balls. I slowly stroke the head of my cock then make long strong strokes down to the base then up over the head of my cock. It is very pleasing... even more so when you use anal beads. Right when I am about to cum, I yank out the anal beads and splooge everywhere! Yum!

Vaseline Dream

I like to completely cover my cock in Vaseline. Then I rub it till I'm about to cum, then rub only the head. There will probably be so much Vaseline you will barely be able to see the cum.

Wonders of Vaseline

When I masturbate, I usually take some Vaseline and rub my cock till completely hard and erect with my right hand and take my left hand and take Vaseline on my index finger and stick it in my anus about 2-3 inches. Then when I feel my penis cumming I can feel my anus being stimulated at the same time. What a wonderful feeling.


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