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When masturbating I often use both hands. I start out with one hand dry for several minutes until a little semen seeps out, then I lube up and position myself on my bed on my back with my butt against the wall and my legs up in the air. I prop my pillow behind my head so I can see my cock as I jerk off. Now my hands are lubed. Sometimes I pee small amounts to add to the pleasure. When I'm close to cumming I stop stroking until the urge to cum is past and repeat over and over until I can't hold it in. After several hours I let loose a massive wet orgasm all over myself!

Take your time

I can jack off for hours and keep hard. I think I trained myself to do this over the years. The trick is to not cum, just get to the edge and back off. I often have precum flowing but I just back off until I settle down some and then continue. My cock is hard and on the edge for 1 hour or 2 hours and when I want to squirt cum I do. My wife likes how long I can screw and I credit it to jerking off and training myself not to cum until I want to. The feeling when I do come after 1 1/2 hours of hard cock jerking is great. I also shoot more cum after a long session of excitement.

Slow motion

I take it slow jacking off, not rushing myself. I even let my cock go soft then work it back hard again, when I feel the cum start up my shaft I grasp it real hard and think of something non-sexual. If I catch it in time no cum will come out and the feeling of cumming will subside, then I will start over. I have done this for as long as three hours. If some does cum out I lick it off of my fingers while I continue to jack off. When I finally cum it's intense.

Lube job

Lube up the head of your cock but with a greasy/waxy stuff like lip balm or hair wax. Rub some more into the V between your index and middle fingers on your left hand. Hold your erection at the base with the right hand and slide the V of your fingers along the helmet ridge (so your fingers move toward the skin of your stomach). This is great as it builds up a lot of pleasurable sensations but not the type to make you shoot quickly. You can do this for ages, maybe combined with squeezing your pc muscles to pulse your cock. Enjoy!


Pocket Pussy

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