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Minty fresh

I once used mint toothpaste. It is nice feeling yet it burns like hell!

Mentholated deep heat

I place an elastic string of beads around the base of my scrotum (almost like a cock ring). I put a dab of Deep Heat (a menthol based cream for relief of pain) in my anal opening. This gives a warm, tingling sensation. Often, I put the menthol cream on the string of beads too. I take a beer bottle, place a condom over it and place it deep in my ass. I use lube to massage the head of my dick. When I'm ready, I shoot! The menthol increases the pain and prolongs the sensation, just like being fucked hard.

Ben-Gay rub

Sometimes I use Ben-Gay and I lube myself up and start jacking. The Ben-Gay makes your dick get all hot and it feels so great when you cum. It's even better when another woman/man does it.

Sticky cock

Get a glue stick and smear glue all over your hard cock and balls. This makes your cock all wet and sticky feeling really good. Whack away (note: it is best to be completely naked, as to avoid glue on your clothes). Just before you reach climax, get a small amount of mouthwash and pour over your rock hard dick. Your cock head will now start to tingle. Get some tissue paper, which will stick to your wet cock. Now jack off.

Minty fresh

I get a breath mint and put it on the tip of my dick. When it is on there for at least two minutes I always get a one-minute orgasm and it feels great.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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