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Who is that masked man?

Lubricate your penis and get it hard, wear a mask over your face and put a mirror in front of you, then put your middle finger up your asshole and rub it up and down real fast, as it makes you more horny (make sure your fingernail is short), Then with your other hand softly start rubbing your penis and imagine your reflection in the mirror is some other person jerking off over you. Before you know it you're rubbing your penis real fast as cum flies.

Grunt and Screw

I love playing with my cock, watching porn, grunting, and looking at my screwed-up face in a mirror.

Self Voyeur

When I have a raging hard-on, I go in the bathroom and lay down on the vanity counter, which happens to be in front of the mirror. I then take off all my clothes and put some slick lube on my cock. I start to rub my dick with my thumb and first two fingers in an O-type shape. I then move them just slightly going over the head and just down to the start of the shaft. The feeling is great and gives me my most intense orgasms. Watching it in the mirror intensifies the great feeling even more!!

Mirror image

I have a full length mirror on the wall. I ram myself against it. It gives me the feeling that I'm fucking myself. I kiss myself frequently. It really arouses me completely and my cum smears on the glass.

Scent of a woman

I like to strip naked and lie on my bed in front of a mirror positioned so I can see mainly my cock. I start to read the personal letters in a porn mag or watch a porn movie. Before I begin I make sure I have a fresh pair of my girlfriend's panties, preferably two. I rub one pair on my cock as I masturbate and the other, the stinkier one, I put over my face, looking for the ""sweet"" spot. Watching my hard cock in the mirror, smelling the panties and reading or watching the porn at the same time makes me extremely hard, and I continue stroking until some precum starts coming out. This I take and with my finger lick and smear on the panties. The smell of the panties and cum drives me wild and I usually cum quickly after, many times shooting my load onto my chest and face.

Load up

My favorite way to masturbate is to lie in front of many mirrors placed at every angle. Then I put some lube in my left hand and hold my cock firmly. I use my right hand to massage my nipples, my balls, my inner thigh, my G-spot, etc. Then after about ten minutes, my pre-cum comes out. Then I insert my left index finger with my pre-cum into my hot asshole. It feels so good when I cum a big load.

Cum on the glass

My favorite way to jerk off is while sitting in front of the computer monitor looking at pictures of hairy pussies. The more pussy hair the bigger my load of cum. I have a special large mirror that I prop in front of me so I can see my cock, balls, and asshole. Sometimes I have a finger in my asshole and sometimes I squeeze my balls when I am cumming. When my load bursts from my cock I love to watch the huge load of cum squirt over the mirror and run down in a huge stream to the floor. Wow!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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