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Well this isn't much of a method but more of an aid. I find that when I smoke a lot of pot and really get baked out of my skull, and I jerk off while watching porn or what have you, you almost trick yourself into feeling like you're having sex. It's great; I would recommend it to anyone.

TV game

When you are bored and you have just masturbated thinking about every celebrity, every porn star, and there's nobody left, I personally recommend this game. Turn on the TV, then look at your clock (example: 11:32). This time as an example it says 11. Get your TV controller and start changing the channel up or down 11 times. Then you gotta find some way to masturbate thinking only about the people you are watching at that moment. If you saw a great girl in a commercial but the commercial is over...DON'T THINK ANYMORE ABOUT HER, only the people that appear on the TV at that moment. Even if is one of those famous Pokemon.


I like to use the flat inside of each hand on each side of my dick and rub back and forth rapidly (almost like working with modeling clay or the motion you'd use if you were rubbing your hands back and forth to warm them). When I cum it is intense. Another thing I do sometimes is to pick a number -- like 100 -- and determine that I'm going to cum in 100 or less strokes. I start slow and build up speed fast and its just really hot to think I'm going to cum that fast...and I always do.

I'm not gay

Try these tips: 1) Lube up real good with shaving cream. 2) Use one hand to stroke your dick and one to play with your balls. 3) Even though you are not gay, try sticking some fingers up your ass. 4) Watch yourself wanking in a mirror. 5) Talk about wanking with other guys and get them to jack you off (but it doesn't mean you are gay). 6) Cum into your mouth and keep it there for 10 seconds and spit it onto your cock and start wanking again.

Bunch o' tips

Here are some assorted tips which have made my masturbatory life the best: 1) Try doing it in as public a location as possible. (i.e., the backyard, in the car, at a secluded spot on the beach, etc.). 2) Do it in front of a mirror. Get to adore your beautiful cock being stroked by the greatest lover on earth! 3) Take as long a session as possible. Those that are an hour or longer are the best. Take breaks if necessary. 4) If you have a lover, ADMIT your love for masturbation. Do it together as often as possible. 5) Guys, stick your finger up your asshole when you are about ready to cum. It stimulates the prostate gland and makes for a hell of an orgasm. 6) Try eating a banana during masturbation. It simulates the blowjob process quite well. 7) Create a masturbation email list. Email someone while you are masturbating and share every gorgeous detail. 8) Wear a t-back and start masturbating while lying on your stomach (preferably outdoors). After a few minutes pretend that a member of the opposite sex is removing the t-back, and continue masturbating to climax. 9) Guys, save your cum in a small container, such as a pharmacy bottle. When your ready to masturbate pour the saved cum all over your dick and balls.

An old hand

Well, I discovered how GREAT it feels to masturbate when I was only 3 years old and I'm now 53! So I'm an old ""hand"" at it. At 19 I left home so I could constantly jerk myself off without getting caught. And although I experimented a lot when I was a child, I could now freely masturbate all I wanted, any way I wanted. Like soap up my dick and hump a nice slippery sheet of plastic covering the bed. Jerk off wearing a latex glove and mineral oil on my dick. You name it, and I probably did it.

I just never did see what all the fuss was about. And actually, I have to admit that after 50 years of relentlessly jerking myself off, I dearly love every cum-splashed minute of it. I'm a born jerk-off and couldn't be happier! And I'm just thrilled that my dick is now so experienced, it stays hard all day long and I do practically everything with one hand while I jerk myself off with the other. I'll do it while driving and out hiking. I even have my own business so I can flail away all day. For I've learned that my dick is an endless source of exciting, and even mind-blowing, sensations/orgasms. And since life is short, I fully intend to keep masturbating and get the sensations/orgasms I can out of it, as everyone should!


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