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A little help from your friend

Ask your partner to masturbate you. She should lube both her hands nicely, and then start stroking the penis from the head to the lower end making sure that the thumbs of both of her hands are sliding on the back of your penis. The more tightly she massages the more heavenly the pleasure is....

Tea for two

Get your partner and yourself on the bed with a pillow for each to lie on, and lie head to foot, and just jack off as you watch her jack off, and vice versa. The biggest turn-on in the world to watch someone doing themselves as they watch you do yourself and you watch as they do. You usually can come at about the same time, as you can the see the expression on her face and know that she is getting close, and you can pick up the pace to shoot at about the same time she does. Try it, you will like it

Dirty Talk

My favorite way to masturbate involves my partner and myself. I love to lie on my back in the bed with my hard cock pointing straight up into the air. My girlfriend lies next to me and slowly begins to wrap her hand around my cock. As she begins to stroke it, she starts talking dirty to me and telling me things to do to her as she jerks me off. My favorite is when she lubes up her tight asshole and tells me to finger-fuck her asshole. She has a way of going slow when she jerks my cock, so that I don't cum too fast and I can enjoy the things I am doing to her. Usually, she doesn't work my cock hard until I have three fingers buried deep into her ass. Then she starts telling me how she wants to see my cock shoot all of the jizz all over the place. The fact that she is so turned on by my fingers moving in and out of her ass makes her talk in a very breathy, sexy tone of voice. Finally, she moves her hand up and down my shaft as fast as she can, causing me to explode in a fantastic orgasm. Usually, by that time, she comes as well from all of the stimulation I have given her ass. We both then collapse in an orgasmic frenzy as we come together. She then licks all of the cum from my dick, oftentimes causing me to come a second time. Trust me, this is an experience you want to try....

Masturbation messages

My favorite I have a text message conversation via cell phone with a friend of mine who is a serious and frequent masturbator. We talk filth to each other in messages. Often the conversations last up to an hour, which could be 50 messages each. Then, having checked with each other as to the state of our respective arousals, I will phone her up so that we can listen to each other cumming on the phone.

Just the two of us

I love masturbating to porn and experiencing mutual masturbation with a female partner. I am lucky to know a gal who is into porn and masturbation and we rent videos to watch together. We love putting on a show for each other and even enjoy the same types of porn. As I stroke myself I glance back and forth between the action on the screen and her doing herself with her various toys. We have agreed to only masturbate and believe me, this is very pleasurable - the most powerful orgasms of my life occur while doing this.

A good spurt

I like to masturbate as I lick my wife's bumhole. That is my favorite. I wait till she gets out of the bath then she bends over and holds her bum cheeks wide open. I kneel behind her and lick her hairy bumhole as I masturbate. When I want to cum I stand up and cum over her hole, rubbing my helmet on her hole as I cum and watching my cum spurt over it. I always get a very hard cock doing it and she loves it too.

Ring her pussy

Well, first, she starts by hooking the chain on her nipple rings, then goes down on me until I am raw. Then she sits on my face for a few minutes while I pull on that chain and lick her pussy and pussy rings. Then we get out one of her toys, we lube up, and while she pumps, I stroke her and pull on that chain until we can't go no more. When we are done, the cum is all over us.

Watching each other wank

One night I told my wife to lie on her stomach. I poured baby oil down her ass crack. Then I told her to start rubbing her clit. I directed her hands as she rubbed oil all in and around her cunt, till she came, moaning loudly. Then she turned over and rubbed her breasts with the oil while she pressed her clit hard, cumming again. Now she was all oiled up and I was ready to blow. I started to mount her when she closed her legs. I said, ""What are you doing? Let's fuck."" She said, ""No, you wanted me to make myself cum and that's what I am doing."" This time she took both hands and fingered herself to a huge orgasm. Then she got up and went into the bathroom.

There I was with a huge red cock ready to blow. So I took some baby oil and stroked with both hands. I had such a huge orgasm; cum went everywhere. It was tremendous.

So a few weeks later, I tried the same thing. She did the same. This time, though, as I was having the huge orgasm, I heard her moaning. She was at the bathroom door, watching and stroking.

Hanky spanky

I like to get spanked while I jack off. My wife tells me how bad I am and makes me take off my pants and underwear and lie on our bed. She then spanks me with her hand. When she's done I roll over and masturbate in front of her. All the while she is talking dirty to me. She also spanks me after I cum. It's awesome.

Helping hand

Masturbation with a partner can be very stimulating. I keep my entire genital area hair free. This makes oral sex so much more enjoyable for both parties. I have a routine that I always follow. I get in the shower and give my asshole a good douching. Then me and my partner get naked and climb in bed.

She sucks my cock until it is throbbing and then I start jacking off. She then switches her tongue's attention to my balls and asshole. After she lubes up my asshole with her saliva she starts stretching and teasing it until she can get most of her hand inside me. In and out with her fingers while I am pumping furiously on my cock. The pleasure level is so intense that I can not hold back and cum flies everywhere.

Spanks for the memories

I masturbate while my wife spanks me. It makes me so horny to get spanked by my wife. She makes me lie on my stomach naked and than spanks me. Then I roll over and jack off while she fingers herself. Then after we both cum, she spanks me again just for fun. I love getting spanked. Try it and you will cum hard.

Watching the wife

My personal best time was when I caught my wife masturbating. One night I was really tired and went to bed before she did. As she came in, I woke up, but I pretended to still be sleeping. She laid down next to me. After about 15-20 minutes I started to hear some movement under the covers. She turned over and was lying kind of on her left side and stomach. Her head was turned away from me and her left hand was straight down. I was on my side facing her. As we laid there every once and a while I felt the bed shake a little.

I opened my eyes once and I thought I saw her left arm moving. My mind started to run 500 miles an hour. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I was so turned on. I was instantly hard as rock. My wife is pretty conservative. Once I had asked her if she ever did it. She said NO! She would only admit to a little exploring when young. I continued to lie perfectly still trying to verify what I thought was happening. I strained to see and hear more. I could then see her shoulder was definitely moving and I could hear that lovely squishy sound of a hot and wet pussy.

As I moved to grab myself, she suddenly stopped. I continued to pretend I was sleeping, as she turned her head toward me. After a minute or two of me silently praying she would continue, she did. This time the movement was more vigorous than before. I was so excited words cannot explain it. I continued to lie there in awe. I was afraid to let her know that I was awake. I knew she would stop.

I can't stop thinking of that night. I always fantasize about it. I have asked her to let me watch since that night. She is too embarrassed. I wish I could give her a confidence boost. I have thought about letting her catch me in the same way.

Ex at the backdoor

About twice a week my ex-wife comes over and fucks me in the ass with a vibrator while I am jerking away. She is telling me how her boyfriend eats her pussy and she makes me say I am a little pussy while she is fucking me.


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