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Online fantasy man

I dress in lingerie and place my butt plug in me. Then I go online and eventually find a male to call and JO with. Fantasies of others is what gets me going. It's great to come gobs and gobs, together.

Cum together

There's nothing better than cumming at the same time as someone else, especially when they're not in the same room. When I lived with my old roommate, we both knew that when we went to bed, we were both going to masturbate. Our bedrooms weren't far apart, so if you were just loud enough, you could give the other person something to work off of. When I would start it off, I would make sure he could hear my mattress squeaking every time I pounded my cock. Then I would let out some audible moans. I'd keep jerking off, but be really quite so I could hear what he was doing. When it was time to shoot my load, I'd let loose. Try this if you have a roommate. It works with either sex.

Conference call

My roommate and his girlfriend were separated by some distance when he went away to school. Just because I'm a nosey person, I would sometimes put the downstairs phone on mute and listen to their conversations. One night I pick up the phone to listen, and I hear my roommate say, ""Guess where my hand is?"" I immediately started paying attention. The conversation turned into an intense round of phone sex. I of course pulled out my cock and joined right in. It turned into an every night thing. I started timing myself so I could cum with my roommate.

Buddy system

If you have a really close best mate why not toss each other off? It's like a free hand job, but as long as you both consent and do it at the same time it cancels the other one out!

Lending a hand

My friend and I were horny one night on vacation, and we decided that it would be fun to just masturbate together, but we discovered that having someone else jack you off feels soooo much better, and it doesn't make you gay, because you don't have to look at the person. Just watch porn and let them jack you off to climax. It's awesome, and we're still good friends, but we just happen to help each other out now and then, haha.

Buddy system

I am not bisexual but I do have a male roommate. Our bedrooms adjoin each other. After we each go to bed at night we both start jacking off. We have never spoken about it, both of us feel free to be vocal as we do it. I love to cum the same time he does.

Boys' night in

I like to masturbate with someone with me. One time I was at my best friend's house and no one was there but me and him. He had just gotten out of the shower (he doesn't care who's there, he'll get naked anyway) and he took off his towel and his cock was just hanging there. He asked me if I wanted to jerk off so I took off my clothes and me and him were just jerking off. After that me and him licked each other's cum (but I'm not gay, I just like his cum). After that we fell asleep.

Fun at camp

I'm not gay, but once at a scout camp me and my friend were jerking off and I really loved it. We got in the sleeping bags so only our dicks were out and we swapped: I jerked him and he jerked me. We're not gay but will help each other out all the time. We once ate each other's come. It tasted great!

Steamy shower scene

I belong to a health club and it seems like the guys in the showers all jerk off -- straight and gay men alike. It's pretty hot. I usually go in the stall at the end of the shower hall. The stalls all have shower curtains and I start to lather my cock up with soap. Once another guy gets into the stall across from me, I flash him my hard-on. Usually the other guy gets hard and we start to stroke. If you're lucky, sometimes all the stalls will have guys in there jerking off with the shower curtains fully open.

There are times when we can all step out of our stalls and jerk off as a group with someone watching the entrance to see if someone is coming. It gets pretty hot because a lot of the guys are in great shape and we sometimes jerk each other off. Over time you get to know the others by just jerking off and it's incredible to see more than 4 guys shoot a big load together. What a way to release sexual build-up after a good workout.

How about a lift?

Sometimes at night I give single guys a lift in my car. We start talking about the evening and he asks me what I have been up to. I tell him I have been at a friend's house watching porn all night and am so horny that I can't wait to get home and toss off. If he is interested/curious then we talk on about the porn I watched. I tell him how one guy's cock was so big it looked as if it would rip the tight pussy, and if my cock was that big I would take pleasure in showing anybody.

I grab myself discreetly, as if I don't want him to notice, but hope he does. Sometimes the guys grab themselves as well and we talk dirty for ages, saying things straight guys just never would say to another guy. It is a real turn-on. Some married guys say they want to compare dicks with me or see what it is like to suck a guy's cock. Both of us leave hard!

Menage a trois

If you're gay like me it would feel real good to be fucked in the ass by a man while masturbating and at the same time giving head to a buddy!!

Night cap

I like driving late at night down dark streets looking for drunk guys who seem friendly. I park the car under a street light and start playing with myself, sometimes I pull my trousers down so the light shows my hard cock and balls. If the guy walks by and looks in and sees me playing with myself, he may keep walking or stop and start talking. Sometimes they start playing with their own cocks as well and we toss off together.

Steamy matinee

I go into the adult cinema. I wear loose shorts and like to sit in the middle rows. I take my cock out from the leg of the shorts and then slowly stroke my cock while watching the movie. Quite often there are other guys, some openly masturbating and naked from the waist down. I have had a guy sit next to me and we watched each other jack off.

The last time I was in the cinema, while I was in the toilet, an elderly man came in who had been sitting off to one side. He had been watching me. When he said hello, I could see he was looking at my semi-hard cock. When we returned and sat down he got up and sat next to me and started to rub me through my shorts. After a couple of minutes he had me out of my shorts and was stroking me firmly while whispering in my ear to cum for him, which I did in short time. A very erotic and satisfying experience, one which I have been back to repeat, but he has never returned.


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