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Attach a wooden clothespin to each nipple, like a nipple clamps, while you jack off. It may hurt at first but great feels great when you cum.

Heavy metal

I find the best way to masturbate is if you have both nipples pierced and a Prince Albert. Have a chain connect the rings in your nipples, long enough so when you are sitting down the chain can be connected to the ring in the Prince Albert. Once there, wank as hard as you can until you nearly cum, then stop. Once the feeling has gone, do this again 4 or 5 more times. More if you want. The sensation in your nipples and the feeling in your cock is fantastic.


My nipples are real sensitive, which makes my lover go crazy. When I'm real horny and need my nipples worked over, I get into the shower and turn the shower head to the rapid and hard massage mode. I position myself so that one of the jets is striking my nipple and enjoy the feeling until I have to whack off.

Special delivery

I start by rubbing my thumbs across my nipples lightly. As I feel the blood flow pick up to my cock I squeeze my head hard through my jeans. After a few minutes the package is too tight to stay in my pants so I release it. Usually I masturbate dry so I can really feel all the pleasure my palm delivers, stroking mostly just the engorged head. As my excitement builds so does the grip of my palm around my throbbing cock. Pinching my nipples harder now I stand up and squeeze the very base of my cock hard which forces my orgasm to fight to be released, and when it does it usually sprays a creamy white stream about 6-8 feet away from me.

Hands-off action

I lie on my back and run my hands all over my body, especially tweaking my horny nipples, while thinking about all these hot masturbation stories. My cock has a mind of its own and I shoot wads of hot cream without touching it. I can feel one coming on now!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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