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Let it go

Here's what I do. Just masturbate however you normally do, but then right at the point of climax, hands off! That's right, just let it go. It will pause for a moment, then explode, then right after you start to come, jerk it hard. It's like a natural multiple orgasm.

Masturbation workout

This is a great way to cum really hard and build up muscle. What you need is a horizontal pole about 1.5 meters off the ground and a computer. Get a really good-looking porn pic on the computer then walk over to the pole. Lift yourself up on the pole like you're doing a chin up and hold yourself up with your knees pulled up to your chest. Look at the pic and you will cum really hard if you can manage to stay there for at least a minute.


I have a G-spot vibrator with an egg-shaped head that I lube up good and insert up my ass. I start with slow, long strokes until the feelings get real good, then tighten down with my muscles and stroke fast against my prostate. I will have what I call an anal-gasm with ejaculation, without even touching my cock or being hard. As soon as the anal-gasm is over, I stroke my cock, and within a few seconds have a ""normal"" orgasm with another ejaculation. I highly recommend all guys try this method. It may take a bit of time and a few tries to achieve your first anal-gasm, but once you get the hang of it they cum easy. Now if I could only convince my wife to participate.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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