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Hottest show in Mexico!

I love to masturbate on my balcony at night, completely naked. Once a person watched me from his window and that made me really hot. He saw all the show. I like to cum all over my chest and my face too.

Soothing breezes

I normally masturbate when there is no one at home, watching porn movies. But the real great one is to go naked to my terrace and stand there in the night with chilly wind soothing your hairy member, orgasm is fast.

Backyard show time

When nighttime comes around, like 12 o'clock midnight, I love to escape to my backyard. I strip off all my clothes and start jacking off on the cement. There are four houses that have windows that can see into my backyard. The very thrill that they might be watching turns me on. In fact, just the other night the girl next door was watching me through her window. Through the corner of my eye I could see her peeking through her curtain. I acted like I didn't know and stayed out there for almost an hour until I came in the grass.


I love to masturbate outdoors. Last night while going for a final bike ride (I'm a mountain biker) before the sun set, I was desperate for a wank. Since I mountain bike, I'm always alone in the forest. I was near the end of my ride and decided to stop at this old burned down farm from years ago. There's a path to it. I put my bike down, took off my shoes, pants, and undies, and began to wank. Unfortunately I got some mosquito bites on my butt, but that was the least of my worries. I finally came, and it was great. It was the first time I've ever masturbated at an old farm outdoors. I came everywhere. I finished up, had a rest, got dressed, and biked back home to watch some TV.

Back yard is best

I usually go outside the house at night when no one is out there and I masturbate using lotion or any lubricant. I love the feeling of masturbating when I can feel someone is watching me.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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