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Slippery Sensation

I like to use women's nylon slips. Just rub the slip over your cock until you cum. You don't have to worry about clean-up because you will cum in the slip.

Not afraid of the dark

My ultimate is to turn off all of the lights. Put soft music on the radio, put a blindfold and hood over my head so that I'm in total darkness and with silk panties in hand slowly stroke till I'm about to cum. Stop awhile and then do it again. Rubbing my entire body, cock and balls, I can imagine anything. After about 30-45 min, I'm ready to cum, and so when it happens it is so intense that it lifts me off of the bed. My only regret is that I waited till I was 50 to discover it.


I use a girl's panties and cover my penis and masturbate while kissing the picture of a pretty model.

Old Faithful

I like to cum in the shower, but with some female vibrating panties on. I then get all wet and I lube up my cock and lie down on my back and cum all over myself, my chest, the panties, and my mouth. After that I lick all the cum out of the feels great.

In the swim

I like to wear my sister's bikini bottoms. They fit real nice and the Lycra and spandex grip my penis pretty snug. I will look in the mirror and stroke my penis over the bikini or use a vibrator and think about how my sister's pussy touched the bikini.

Wet panties

I wear women's panties in the bath, then cover my dick with shampoo and rub my dick against the panties. It is wonderful. Don't rub your dick directly -- let the wet panties bring you to orgasm.

Panty fetish

I tease my cock till it's bone hard, then slowly rub it back and forth on my bed, pillows, or floor. Rubbing seems to create the most intense orgasms for me. I use panties as a masturbation fetish, often rubbing the head of my cock against the rippled nylon crotch panel till orgasm, imagining a woman in them. I also put full-cut panties on a pillow and lay on my back, rubbing the panty crotch along the length of my boner till I shoot all over my stomach.

Satin panties

I like to put on a pair of satin panties, which usually gets me really hard at just the thought. I then begin to slowly rub my hardened cock through the panties. As the tension begins to build I then slide my hand inside the panties and finish myself off. The feeling of women's panties against my cock is such a turn on for me. Just panties nothing else. My wife sometimes buys them for me. Only high cut satin ones.

Latex lover

I masturbate wearing a pair of transparent latex panties. Once my cock gets wet they become oh so soft and slippery and the feeling of the soft slippery latex on my cock is divine. I stroke myself with the lightest touch and keep myself on the verge of coming for over an hour. When I do eventually come the orgasm is mind blowing and I fill my panties with sperm. The smell of the latex and cum is fantastic as well

All in the panties

I like to masturbate in a pair of my girlfriend's panties. Just place your dick in the ass area of the panties and beat off. To get a real gob, play with your balls while doing that, and the head of your dick. It really feels good.

Stand tall

What I like to do is get a pair of panties, mainly loose but not too loose, and put them on. Then I start to masturbate while I'm standing and my penis is sticking straight out towards the wall, or lying down flat to where it's sticking straight for the sky. The sensation of it all is great, especially when I cum.

Highway Romeo

I enjoy driving and jacking. I will pull my pants down and use a pair of satin panties to beat off with. I rub the panties on my cock and look for girls driving. I like to pull next to them and allow them to see me jacking off. Most times they will laugh or point. I keep jacking until I cum in the panties looking at the girl.

Every last drop

I like to start by stripping completely naked and lying on the ground. I put on a pair of women's panties and let my cock and balls hang out of the side. I then pour some vaginal moisturizer on my cock and begin to stroke it. I then lube up the end of one of my vibrators and stick it in my ass while I continue to masturbate. When I am about to cum I flip my legs up over my head so my penis is right above my mouth and squirt every last drop in my mouth.

Wife's' panties

When I am feeling real horny and I am alone and in no danger of getting caught I find two pairs of my wife's panties that she has worn in the last couple of days. The first I put on. I like feeling my wife's wetness on my shaved balls. The second one I turn inside out and put on the edge of our bed. I get my wife's back massager and turn it on and put it on the middle of our bed. I then lay face down on the bed putting my cock on the massager. As I start to feel the effects of the massager I start to take in the aroma of the second pair of panties. This makes me explode in an intense orgasm.

Thong Friction

The way I like to masturbate is by taking a soiled pair of my wife’s g-string or thong panties and simply taking the part that has the ruffled sides. Then, I like to make myself hard. After you achieve a hard on, then take the thong or g-string and use an up-down, side-side motion. This stimulates the tip of the penis. The feeling is so intense.

Laundry lover

I go to the dirty clothes basket and find a soiled pair of panties. I put them over my dick and they make me cum so fast.

Panties push him over

I get totally naked and lie on my bed with two pairs of my girlfriend's panties. I will start to read porn or watch porn as I masturbate in front of a mirror. One pair of panties will be around my cock and the other on my face, sniffing my girl's sweet spot. I will continue for about 15 or 20 minutes until some precum appears and I will smear it on the panties and my mouth. The sight of my hard cock in the mirror and the smell of the panties with my cum on them will cause me to explode, shooting my load onto my chest and face, and if I am lucky into my mouth.

Sweet scent

I just start to sniff some girl's panties, in hopes of a lingering aroma of her pussy. Then I wrap them around my dick and just rub, I even cum in the panties!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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