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Sheer energy

Grab a pair of pantyhose from your girlfriend. Remove your pants and underwear. Now put on her pantyhose. If you do it right, you will get an instant hard-on! Hear that ""swooshing"" sound when you rub your legs and feet against each other. Feel the smoothness of your pantyhosed legs and feet. Now you can see your rock-hard dick through the translucent pantyhose panel waiting for your command. Rub your dick until your wad shoots through the pantyhose panel.


Panty party

I grab a pair of pantyhose and tight panties from my girlfriend and put them on. Then I pull out my cock, leaving my balls in the tight panties. I start and stop often as I wank, but in the end the sensation is great.

Silky smooth

Put on a pair of sheer-to-waist pantyhose. Don't use control top because the feeling is not as good. Steal or buy a ladies' silky smooth polyester slip/chemise or half-slip. I've tried 100% silk, but it wasn't as silky smooth as the polyester fabric. Roll up your bed blanket and put on the polyester chemise over the blanket, or just place it on top. Lay on top of the blanket and rub your pantyhose cock all over the chemise. It's a very nice feeling. You'll cum quick.

Ultra sheer

Somehow get a pair of ultra sheer pantyhose -- only ultra sheer, or even maybe sheer, because you need it to be silky smooth. Actually, get like 3-4 pairs and wrap them around your cock and start jerking off. Don't use the panty portion; it's not smooth and silky. It's even better stimulation when the pantyhose is a little cold. This is the best ""dry"" stimulation I've ever found.

Pantyhose play

I really enjoy wearing pantyhose and leotards around the house. Sometimes even sleeping in them. I only wear the shiny nylon lycra spandex ones. After a while, I will put on my pantyhose with a hole in them or just take them off completely and just wear my leotard. I end up humping a blanket on the bed and either cum inside the leotard or slip it out the leg when I'm ready to shoot off.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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