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Bologna baller

I take a body pillow and bend it in half and put towels inside of the pillow plus some warm juicy lunch meat from the microwave. I take string and tie the pillow tight and start moving my dick back and forth until I come.

Body pillow

One really good way to jack off when no one is around to do it with you and you are really horny, is to lie down somewhere comfortable (the best place is the bed) and take a body pillow. You lie down, nude of course, straddling the body pillow. Then you wrap your arms around it. Now for the fun part, you start humping the body pillow furiously up down up down. The harder you hump, the better the orgasm! P.S. I suggest you wear a condom or something like that. When you start cumming, you cum hard, fast, and the orgasm lasts longer than most.

Pillow play

Take about three soft pillows, and lay two down on top of each other, then get yourself hard, put down a soft shirt on top of the two pillows, then fold the shirt around your penis, so as to not get the cum on the pillows, put the third pillow on top after you have wrapped your penis in the shirt. It's great for practice, and strengthens stomach muscles when you're humping, also easy to clean up! Shirts wash easy. Also you can grab the bottom pillow and it feels just like a girl's ass when you're lying down!

Couch potato

I take a couch pillow from my living room and I cut a hole along the stitching. Once I get horny enough I strip completely naked and take my hard cock and slip it into the pillow. My dick slips easily into the mass of cotton. I then place the pillow under me while I lie on my bed. I then start moving up and down, forward backward. After doing this several times I cum intensely into it. The beauty of it all is that it makes no mess and feels perfect!

Pound your pillow

I put on a condom, lie in bed and fold a pillow over my cock. I move the pillow up and down while thrusting till I cum.

Pillow play

I masturbate by getting a lube, wank until I'm about to cum, go on my bed and fuck the pillows. It's explosive!

Hump away

I like to get horny then put a soft cotton shirt over my pillow (to catch the cum). Then hump away - it feels great!

Pillow wank

My dick is hard, so I give it a fast wank, then I rub it on a pillow. You have the best orgasms if you repeat this about 5 times, then wank till you cum.

Try two pillows

I really like to get two pillows and a condom. I put the two pillows together and put the rubber on my nice hard long penis. Then I stick it in between the pillows to get the best orgasm ever.

Pillow talk

I used to masturbate on my bed by rubbing my pillow on my dick. I used also to phone a girlfriend and listen to her. While listening to her, I masturbated.

The wet spot

I like to lay a comforter on my bed, wet a small spot with water, lie down on it, and fuck the wet spot. Screw it like you'd screw a pussy. It takes a little while, but once the water heats up and you cum, your hips will be shakin'!

Air fuck

Lie on your back and wrap the sheet around your cock and pretend to have a female on top of you. Don't touch just grind the air real hard and grab the air like you're rubbing her tits.

Quilted comfort

Here is a hot one. Lie on your back, in bed, completely naked and under the covers. It works best if you have a nice, soft, comforter. Once I get hard, I let my dick fall flat against my stomach. I grab it at the base between my thumb and forefinger (your other three fingers and palm can kind of cup your balls in this position). Then just kind of wiggle it back and forth so that the head glides against your stomach. Adjust your position so you are getting good dick-on-skin and dick-on-comforter contact...and just keep at it.

The feeling is so intense, and if you can keep with it, the orgasm is amazing. I usually end up sticking a finger in my ass just to double the pleasure... Works really well if you have a little bit of a fuzz trail on your stomach. Also works if you rub your dick against your inner thigh. Can be done with or without lube. Want to make it really hot? Do it while someone else is in the room. (Trying to get off while my college roommate slept and doing it quietly was a real challenge!)

Sleeping bag

I like to take a nylon sleeping bag rolled up and mount it while slipping my dick between the outermost fold. I pull out before I come so I don't make a mess.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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