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Baggie baller

I take a Ziploc baggie, fill it half full with hot water, squeeze the air out, zip it, fold it in half, put it in between mattresses or couch cushions, and fuck away. It's better if it breaks as you come.

Pillow talk

I take a small plastic bag that you can get from a supermarket. Roll it up in a pillow. Squirt some lotion down it then fuck it hard. I like to do this in front of a mirror. Some times I stick a banana up my arse. This makes me cum so hard.

Pussy bath

I like to call this a pussy bath: Get a plastic sandwich bag and some KY Jelly. Lay the bag on the floor, and then put as much jelly on the bag as you want. I usually use half a bottle, just because it feels good. Just lie on top the bag and hump away. This is my favorite way to masturbate! WARNING: Messy!

Get glad

Take a sandwich bag, pull it over your dick, and then shove your dick between the cushion and the base of a sofa. Push down on the sides of the cushion until the desired pressure is reached, and then pump away until you shoot your load into the sandwich bag. Lovely, and no mess to clean up.

Ziploc it

I used to always use this same old stuffed animal as a puberty-stricken kid, but as I got older I began experimenting with different objects, and I found that pillows and rolled up blankets worked best. Until I read all the ideas on this website, I thought I was the only one that used zip-loc bags smeared with lotions! Like maybe I had come up with the ultimate masturbation tool! But, as we have all found out, a lot of other people have also found this wonderful tool! I'll tell you all honestly, it REALLY does feel awesome. Just take the bag smearing the inside with whatever your choice lubrication may be, and then simply shove the bag in between the folds of a rolled up blanket, pillow, or even towels. You could even extend the layout to include a body, legs, arms, and a head made out of more pillows, towels, or blankets to give your masturbation tool that real ""human-like"" feeling.

It's in the bag

The best cum I've ever had I got with the help of a plastic bag, shampoo and pot. I'll look at porn while smoking to get in the mood ... maybe chat to a few girls online to get hard, then shove the bag filled with shampoo (I don't have KY jelly) between my bed mattresses and hump away. Usually I'll think of a girl I met on student exchange from Germany ... mmmmmm blonde German girls!!

Bubble wrap

I get a big plastic bag or a sheet of bubble wrap, place it on top of a pillow or towel (make sure the towel is pretty big and rolled up so its pretty thick) roll the pillow or towel up with the plastic bag or bubble wrap is rolled up inside. Take it and put it on top of the center piece in the washer. Tape it or tie it so it's on nice and tight then get your favorite lube and rub it on your cock and the plastic bag or sheet of bubble wrap rolled in the towel or pillow. Then get on top of your washer and turn it on spin, or any other type of motion it has put your cock in and just let the washer do the work. It's one of the best orgasms I ever had. Trust me, it works.

Wrap it up

Get some plastic wrap and make it into a condom size. Spit in the middle, stroke away, and there she blows.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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