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Tippie toes

Whenever I jerk off while I'm standing like in a public stall, or in the shower, I stand on my tip toes. For some reason it makes the whole sensation feel better. I don't know why but quite frankly, I don't care - just as long as it feels good.

Backless bar chairs

We have two backless bar chairs, which are 15"" by 20"" by 25"" high. I lay across them, leaving the genital area open and hanging, finding that this freedom enhances the feel of the ejaculation. Vaseline is the lubricant of choice. In addition, one can apply pressure just behind the testicles to stimulate that collection of nerves between the two legs.

Bouncy bouncy

I discovered this in a book. I crouch down on my heels and tuck my erect penis between them and bounce up and down, This works best with a lubricant, or in the bath with soap. Another method is to lie on my back with my knees tucked up to my waist and then put my penis between my knees – and squeeze!

Tip toes

I like to jack off standing up. Just as I am about to cum I stand on my tip toes. At the same time I try to make my whole body rigid. For some reason the feeling is so intense.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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