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Find your prostate

To enjoy the best orgasm you need to relax, take your time and utilize the prostate gland. Just sit back in a recliner and let yourself go. Stroking and enjoying until you feel you are getting highly aroused. Then with your free hand and middle finger locate the prostate just above your asshole. Slightly massage it while stroking your penis. When you are on the verge of cumming stop stroking and you will feel the ejaculation of the prostate. Don't let yourself come and feel the pleasure run up your spine. After you have done this five or six times and cannot take it anymore stroke like mad and just enjoy the sensational pleasures.

Bit of assistance

I'm not sure if this counts but here it is. My wife likes to watch and cheer me on. But the real fun is while I'm masturbating she will slowly push her finger into my ass until she finds my prostrate. Then she slowly rubs it until I'm ready to blow then she stops. This sometimes goes on for one or two hours. When I finally am ""allowed"" to cum she licks me dry. Very intense!

Taint it great

Two great techniques for a more intense orgasm are stroking your cock with one hand while massaging the area between your balls and your asshole with the other hand. Do this simultaneously. This way it stimulates the prostate without inserting objects up your ass. The other way is use your favorite stroking method and with one hand pull your balls away from your body while you're stroking it until you cum. Either way the orgasm seems more intense.

Hits the spot

Make sure you put a finger or two in your anus while you stroke. I do it and I am not gay. It gives a hell of a lot more pleasure because the man's G spot is exactly between your anus and your penis. When you stimulate this it results in a much better orgasm.


Pocket Pussy

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