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Class act

I usually get a hard on when I talk to any fine chick, so when I'm in class I begin to flirt and if I get feedback I usually go to the restroom and jack off thinking of her while standing. It's fun and risky.

Public Thrill

When I was 18 and in college, I would find an empty stall in a bathroom on campus, usually on the weekend. The bathrooms were fairly empty on the weekends, besides the occasional visitor. I would enter the stall and get totally naked, laying my clothes on the back of the toilet. No one could see into the stall unless they were really trying. The thrill was jacking off, with the potential of someone coming in. Even when someone would enter, I would keep jacking the whole time, knowing that there was another male just on the other side of the stall wall. If he happened to glance between the cracks of the stall, he would see me wanking away. I beat off probably 50 times like this, only getting observed briefly by two or three guys. Once they saw through the cracks, they promptly zipped up and left, but it sure made for a good orgasm!!!

Toilet stall show

I like to jack it in a public bathroom, the ones with more than one toilet. When there is nobody in there, I open the stall door. The chance that someone might come in and catch me just drives me crazy.

Out and about

I love to JO in public restrooms. Usually stalls, but once I did it at a urinal while other men used the adjacent ones. It's hard to keep quiet, but the orgasm is great!

Fun to be watched

I love to masturbate anywhere. Whenever I go into a public bathroom I love to jack off in the stall. Sometimes I make it really loud if there is a person in the next stall. Once I jacked off at a urinal and this guy walked in and decided to do it. And I swear I'm not gay but it was cool. I didn't look at him but I enjoyed it. I even did it on a city bus once at the back and came all over the seat. I love people to see me do it. I dunno why.

Waiting game

Watching other men masturbating really turns me on, and at the local public loo I can always be sure of finding someone playing with himself. I join in and see whether I can get him to come before me. I usually succeed and the sight of his sperm shooting out never fails to give me the most fantastic orgasm.

Jacking in public

I love to jack off in public bathrooms. I just go into one of the stalls and pull down my pants and start jacking. Even if someone comes in I still jack it. When I am ready to cum I stand up and blow my load all over the wall. I have even jacked off at some urinals.

Soapy fun

Get naked in the bathroom. Soap your hands and lay your ass on the cold commode. Pipe your cock in and out of your hands. It's great pleasure.


Lube up a toilet seat and fuck away between the cover and the thing you actually sit on. It feels so much like sex, especially if you lube it up good. You can control the tightness by either placing items on top or pushing slightly down with your hands. For this you must be on your knees, so it is good to have a couple towels handy to kneel on. It's easy to clean up cuz you cum in the toilet and just wipe the lube off the seat.

Pointing down

Sit on the toilet wank yourself fast while pointing your willy down to the water. When you dump it's quiet peaceful and clean no one knows what you've been up to.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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