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Horny hotel

I love to get off in hotel showers. I'm getting hard just thinking about it. There's something so hot about leaving your cum behind to mark your territory. Another awesome way to get off in a hotel is to do it while there's someone in the bed right next to you. Having to stay quiet and not move much makes it challenging and exciting. I get so horny just thinking that the person in the bed next to me could wake up at anytime. I've heard one of my friends getting off in the bed next to me and it works both ways. It got me so hot that I had to pull out my cock and start rubbing away. The best part is, when you're finished, you have to just lay there and sleep drenched in cum. Have fun on your next trip.

Under Cover

I love to bring myself to a climax in as public a place as possible, especially on a bus, train, or in an aircraft. I have a really massive cock that becomes really swollen and sensitive just thinking about what I am going to do. I always have a large newspaper that I open and pretend to read, and having gently eased my pulsating cock out of my fly, I gently squeeze it and slowly, slowly work my foreskin backwards and forwards over my cock head. The feeling is so intense, usually accompanied by loads of precum. I can do all this without moving the paper very much and then when I blow the huge load of cum, I catch as much as possible in my cupped hand, wiping it on the underside of the newspaper. It is a real turn on when there are lots of women sitting nearby, completely unaware of what has just happened right under their noses! I have also often been able to cum in my underwear by just thinking about doing the hand job.

Sexy train ride

I love to masturbate with the thought of being caught. I once masturbated on a train with a pretty lady at the side of me. It was winter so I had my winter coat on my lap. I unzipped my fly and stroked my cock to an intense orgasm. All the while the lady had no clue.

Department store dick

I like to go into a department store, like Sears, Kohl's, or Carsons. I grab a pair of jeans and go into the fitting room, then take off my pants and underwear and look at myself in the mirror. If there is a seat I will sit down and just start jerking myself off. Watching myself in the mirror really gets me going. Also, knowing any minute someone could walk in, and hearing the voices of the people really gets the adrenaline pumping along with the cum.

Covert cock

In high school, if I was sitting by a real hot girl (of course I'd have to be in the very left or very right of the classroom) and I just couldn't wait to get home, I would dig into my pocket on the side nearest the wall and pull my undies below my balls. then I'd rub my dick with my hand in my pocket. It takes a while but it feels great. Make sure you keep a straight face as you do it, and you HAVE to make sure you're at the very left or very right of the room so no one can see what you're doing.

It's all good

This is not so much a technique, but sex/masturbation is as much of the mind as it is of the body. Trust me, I've tried everything when it comes to sex and masturbation, from cock rings to whips, Tantric to fucking a piece of meat or a banana, from group sex to being fucked up the ass! And yes, I've tried a few suggestions from this site.

The trick with masturbation is to find something that really turns you on. Arouse all your senses. I like jerking off where I know people may be able hear or see me. At the beach I've taken a dip and beat off within a few feet of other swimmers. I've spanked the monkey on the back seat of a bus, on the train, at the office, while driving my car. I've even had a go while a mate crashed out in my bed. For me, nothing makes me cum harder than being outdoors or in public, knowing I might get caught!

Which brings me to my next point: Wanking doesn't have to be done alone. That friend of mine in the bed...he woke up! I thought he was going to go off but instead he joined in. Masturbating with other guys isn't as uncommon as you may think and DOES NOT necessarily mean you're gay. I don't consider myself to be gay. Having sex or masturbating with men or women is all the same, and it's all good! Find something that works for you and go for it!

What if they wake?

I like wanking in the most public places as possible and I especially like doing it when I have family or friends sleeping over. Just the thought of wanking literally a foot away from them is fucking lush. Imagine if they woke up!


The best thing I know, is to masturbate while there's lots of people around me. Especially if it's mostly girls. Sometimes, after a party, we sleep in the same room, and I start jerking off, when I believe everyone's asleep. It's so darn fun knowing there's a girl less than a yard away, and you're masturbating.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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