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Hot water bottle

Take a rubber hot water bottle and fill it with just enough warm water to keep it soft and comfy. Lay it on a towel on the bed and put some non-oil-based lube on the bottle. Lay on top of the rubber bottle with your hard dick pointed straight up towards your belly button. Now you can rub around or hump the bottle till you shoot like you never shot before. Make sure you get a hot water bottle that is nice and soft, smooth and big enough to handle your manhood.

Lube and tubes

I have been using rubber inner tubes since I was 14. There is nothing except dolls that feels as good as wet oiled rubber. I have found the bigger the tube and the more oil I use the better it feels. I prefer the soft non-hard rubber semi-tubes for size and playing with. the feel of these in the tub makes me cum. Although I have actually blown my last two tubes apart, I continue to search for a new one to replace them. The rubber has to be soft and pliable to work.

Give it the boot

I am 18 and this is how I masturbate. I get a rubber boot and cut it in half about where the ankle goes. Then I use the part of the boot that goes up your leg, fold it in half, and, presto, you can use it many ways. Put it between two mattresses of a bed, between two cushions, or just hold it, it's great. Then afterwards, because it's waterproof, you can just wash the cum off and it's ready for the next time.

Anal avenger

I like to use whatever I can on my anus while I am jacking. I tie my balls with a rubber band, and use fingers in my ass -- as many as I can get in, 3 or 4 usually -- or various items that I can insert while jacking. I have used many items, but always try to use something that makes it snug so I can feel a little pain. I also like to get right at the point of cumming and back off. Do this several times and, man, what a cum.

Elastic magic

I masturbate at least once a day. My favorite involves rubber bands. Get a thick one and wrap it around your balls then take one loop and wrap around your cock. It holds the foreskin back if you have a long one like mine and gives such rock-solid hard-ons. The head goes all purple. I spunk up very hard and the feeling of tightness around my cock and balls is just wonderful.

Ball constrictor

Take those big, fat rubber bands and strap them from the base of your balls, to where your dick meets your torso. This constricts the blood and makes the orgasm more sensual.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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