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The best lube out there is Astroglide. If I last a long time and if gets a little tacky, I add more or even sprinkle a little water. I like to shave my balls and the shaft of my dick right before a good session. The smooth skin with the Astroglide is the best feeling ever!

Smooth strokes

Well, I am masturbating right now while I read all these stories! I just shaved my balls and penis, and it is soo smooth. It feels amazing. I am just using some hand lotion to lube up and stroke away, left-handed. I can't wait to cum.

Shower and shave

I like to masturbate in the shower. I shave off all my pubic hair and this in itself is very pleasurable. While I do that, I am stroking my tingling cock to the point that I will almost cum, but I stop to get control. I then remove the shower head so there is a strong stream of water. I place my swollen cock in the direct stream and slowly move it in and out of the stream. When I am ready to explode I let the water spray directly on my cock head, and when I cum it is so intense.

Foamy fun

Buy a can of shaving foam, and squirt the whole can onto your body. You should be completely covered, head to toe. (Be naked first!) Start wanking with one hand, and with the other clench your balls and then finger your arse. When reaching a climax, stop, and wait for 3 minutes, then begin again. Do this 10 times. This will make loads of cum. When you get to the point of no return, stand up and put your head between your legs to catch the cum in your mouth...swallow if necessary.

Shaving cream

I find it very pleasing to spray shaving cream (gel) in your palm and masturbate with that. Feels great!!

Foamy Fun

I like to get myself horny by having cybersex or looking at porn and getting myself rock hard. Then I go into the shower, with the water on my back, and cover my hands with shaving foam. I then stroke my hands down my cock and over the head. It feels great and I cum loads. Once I feel an orgasm coming, I slow down. Then I start again and slow down again, and repeat this several times, the more the better. When I can’t resist any more, I let loose and have the orgasm of my life!


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