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In your shoes

One of my favorite ways to masturbate was to sneak into my aunt's closet, when I'd be visiting at her house. She would be working in the garden outside; I'd tell her I'd like to watch TV. Then, I'd sneak into her closet. She had dozens of pairs of high heels, but my favorites were the open-toed high-heeled pumps. I'd place my soft cock through the open-toe of the shoe; then my cock would get hard and I couldn't get the shoe off my dick without cumming.

I'd use the shoe to gently but constantly pull my dick up and down. The feelings were just on the edge of some pain, but fantastically exciting at the same time. I'd come inside her shoes; my cock would soften; then I'd pull my dick out. So, ladies, when you are strutting down the street in your open-toe high heels, just think about who might have cum inside your shoes!

Shoey gooey yum yum

My girlfriend has a pair of open-toe sandals with very high heels. I like to put my penis through the toe opening and rub up and down. When I come, I spread the sperm all over the inside of the shoe, and leave them in her closet as if nothing had happened. I really get a big erection the next time she gets them out and puts her beautiful feet inside them.

Fun with booties

I fill a pair of my wife's leather knee-high boots with some clothing to simulate her legs, and lay them down on their side, one on top of the other. I place my cock in between them and slide it between the leather until I shoot.

Cum rag

The only downside to masturbation is, of course, the clean up! Well I have a pretty easy way to clean up. You know how there always seems to be that extra sock in the dryer. Well now you can put it too some good use...just use it as your ""cum rag."" Every time you wanna wank off, when you are about to come, just slip the sock on top and blow your wad in it. The sock usually absorbs it relatively quickly (within 1/2 a days or so) and it's ready for use the next time you feel the need. Just remember: you may want to throw it out after about 20 times, or when it starts growing fungus or something.

Sock it to me

Wrap a sock around your cock. Lie down on your bed or floor. Act as if you are having sex. When you CUM you will feel so much better.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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