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I was away on business over a weekend a couple of months ago. With my hotel window open, I could hear the couple in the room next door (with their window open). She was really noisy, and my erection would grow really strong listening to them. I started to masturbate after they had finished, and made a point of making enough noise so that they could hear me too. They were at it every hour from 11 p.m. until 3 a.m., and then again in the morning at 6:30! I had some recording equipment with me, and I wish I'd recorded some of it to give me something to cum to now!

What the maid saw

Most of my open masturbation has been in front of other men or my wife, but there is one occasion that I am particularly proud of when I masturbated in front of an unsuspecting woman. I was away on business in Holland and staying in a small hotel in the suburbs of Amsterdam. Every morning the chambermaid would wake me at the time I had stipulated, and bring me a cup of tea. One morning, just before she was due to arrive, I had a stiff cock that needed immediate relief but I wanted to do something different. So I pushed back the bedclothes - it was summer, so it was a reasonable thing to do - and lay there, naked, pretending to be asleep, with one hand on my erect cock. When she came in, I moved slightly, supposedly reacting in my sleep to her entrance, and started to stroke my cock. Of course I couldn't open my eyes, but I heard her quickly putting down the cup of tea. I expected to hear her beat a hasty retreat, but no - she seemed to remain motionless. I certainly didn't.

I continued to stroke my cock more and more vigorously, until I shot all over my stomach with a satisfied groan. Then I opened my eyes. Her eyes were fixed on my hand squeezing the last drop of cum from my cock. When she saw I'd woken up, she blushed and shot out of the door like a bolt of lightning. The next morning a different chambermaid brought my tea. Somehow she seemed rather disappointed that I was awake and covered.

Shower show-off

Something that really helps me get off in the shower is to put on a show. My bathroom is connected to both my bedroom and my roommate's bedroom. It's really easy to hear what's going on in the shower. I get so horny just knowing he can hear me. I make sure that I rub my cock really hard and fast to make lots of smacking sounds. Then, as I get closer to cumming, I moan loader and louder. If I really want to get off I'll start fingering my asshole really fast. This drives me crazy! Finally when I cum, I hold nothing back. The best thing is, when I'm finished, I go to my room and hear my roommate get in the shower. Now it's my turn to be the audience. It's a great way to get off two times in a row.

Hi neighbor

I love to leave my apartment drapes open so that my married next door neighbor might see. I sit on a chair facing the window and lather up my cock with lotion. I hold my big balls tightly with one hand while I stroke my cock with the other. I bring my hand down the length of it and swirl it around the fat head. I jack it faster and faster. She has watched me many times. I always pretend I don't see her as I shoot my cum all over the place.

Double the fun

I sit in front of a full-length mirror, and have a girl film me jerking jizz all over myself. I can watch her and me at the same time. It's hot seeing a girl's eyes watching me and calling me a fuckin' perv.

Window dressing

I like to open the blinds and hope a neighbor is watching. Sometimes I'm so horny I just pump my cock real hard till I cum. Sometimes I start fully clothed and undress in front of the window, and lie on the bed stroking my cock but not cumming for several hours. Finally I'll get a dildo, stick it in my ass and have an orgasm of a lifetime. The first time I did this I screamed so loud my throat hurt for two days.

Special delivery

I love to stand in windows and masturbate. I have shown my hard cock to my hot mailman several times. I lube myself up and blast on the window for him. It's so hot!

Likes to show off

I'm a real show-off and I love to masturbate in front of my girlfriend and occasionally other friends. At 8 inches, my cock is fairly long and thick and I really enjoy stroking myself slow and firm for long enough to let my juices start flowing. This exhibitionist streak began when I was quite young, as I was caught masturbating naked in the woods by a young woman when I was ten years old. She didn't say a word, just stayed and watched until I had spurted my creamy young load.

Although I have frequent satisfying sex, nothing is quite as erotic as constructing an elaborate fantasy, either alone or with my partner, and thoroughly wanking myself off to a spectacular ejaculation! All forms of masturbation fascinate me and I love to watch both men and women bringing themselves to orgasm. There's something very honest and open about allowing someone else to see such a personal, usually secretive act. I've recently enjoyed an intense masturbation experience with a male friend of mine. We wanked each other off very hard while his beautiful young girlfriend lay beside us and I loved feeling his big hot cock in my hand. The sensation as his spunk splashed over his smooth chest was unforgettable! Hopefully next time I'll have the courage to take him in my mouth and suck him off long and deep while I stroke him! And, of course, reading the accounts on this site is a major turn-on for me too. Enjoy yourself!

A night in the park

There is a large city park where I live that has a lot of wooded area. The place is known as a bi/gay hangout. In the summer, I like to take a blanket and venture into the woods a bit to find a clearing. There I lie down, close my eyes, and have a great wank. Someone is always watching but I pretend I don't notice. Sometimes I stick things up my ass in the process. I always shoot a huge load.

Nice view

I like to stand naked in front of a window and be watched while I masturbate, usually having a girl or couple watch.


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