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Shampoo partisan

When in the shower, I find that the best way to masturbate is with a whole whack of shampoo. Well, that's it no big secret, just thought I'd put this because I know for a fact that it feels a hell of a lot better then a bar of soap any day. So just take a handful, think of a girl masturbating or male or whatever sex you like, and give her hell.

Shampooed Sausage

I use shampoo in the shower on my slippery sausage. It glides so well when my shiny guy is hard and wet. I rub with my thumb and pointer finger just beneath the head really fast, then slow down. If I feel the throbbing of orgasm, I stop for like 15 seconds and wait until it stops. I do this like three times. Then I go all out really fast and come to a really great orgasm. Then I gotta clean the shower!

Awesome shower

I like to get in the shower and squirt loads of shampoo all over my cock then sit down on the shower floor with the jet squirting on my balls. Then I start to finger my asshole while thinking of hot girls fucking and sucking me. Then when I explode I eat all my cum. It is awesome!


I usually masturbate after a bath.

Conditioned Response

While my cock is soft I stick my hand down my pants and take my knuckle and rub and when I get a boner I go in the shower and lay down and rub conditioner all over my cock.


When I am in the shower I always jerk off. I take my long dick and put soap on it and just stroke it. I'm always feeling horny, so not a day goes by that I don't jerk off. I need to jerk off. I express myself like that. I sometimes just sit down and just rub my dick. It feels so good. I like grabbing my dick, it just feels so good. I also sometimes lick my own cum and so does my girlfriend.

Against the wall

I like to soap up one hand really well in the shower. Then place my palm on my hard cock, holding it against my stomach. Then I place my hand (on my cock) against the bathroom wall. Then run it in a circular motion until I cum!!

All lathered up

In the shower, I put the soap below my cock, put my cock near the wall, and start fucking up and down. The sperm comes out within 15 seconds.

Slippery Shower

The best is in the shower. I like to get real horny and go in the shower. I lube my cock up with the soap Dove. The soap feels so smooth up and down my cock; then when I cum, it’s the best feeling ever.

So clean

I like to take a shower and use some of the soap to put onto my hands, and then I put it onto my cock, wrap my hand around it and pump as fast as I can.

Morning shower

I tried this today. While taking a shower I lay down on the bottom of the shower, the hot water aimed at my dick. Next I added some shampoo to add a little extra smoothness. It felt like I was cumming into a waterfall.

Hot shower

I really love to stroke while I'm taking a shower and I put my dick's head under the hot water. Man, it's great! You cum very deliciously! In spite of not being gay, I either like to stroke with my index and middle finger in my ass, making a circular movement.

Head behind

When in the shower, take the shower head off and lay down in the tub. Let the rushing water out of the shower hit you in the butthole while jerking off. It feels REALLY good, and you will cum quick!

Hot water up there

If you have a removable shower-head, when in the shower, sit on the floor of the tub, with the shower head stuck between your 'cheeks'. If you twist to the side enough warm (though I prefer HOT) water will enter your anus to make an almost enema-like feel. While doing this, make humping motions with your hips through your non-dominant hand, using your dominant one to gently massage the area around your anus.

Steady stream

Next time you're in the shower stick your penis straight up into the stream of water coming down. It feels great! To heighten the sensation, lube up your penis with body wash and masturbate normally with it still in the water jet.

Water to the tip

Lie down on your back in the shower. This works best with removable shower heads. Hold the shower head in one hand and squirt it on the tip of your penis till you hit the spot that feels best. Then turn up the heat till it feels good. Then stroke with the other hand. Then stop when you almost reach the climax. Wait till your penis gets soft. Repeat this four times, and the fifth time masturbate till you cum. This will increase the intensity of the ejaculation!

Tap Masturbation

When I'm in the bath I always like to rub myself. I usually use the showerhead when the water’s quite warm but not too hot. It works really well, especially if you have one of those jet-powered ones. It works best when you quickly make it cold, then hot, and so on....

Showerhead Madness

I like to masturbate in the shower. A great method I like best is the detachable showerhead. The first step to a great session is before getting into the shower, run bath water or shower water until it steams up the bathroom. Then detach the showerhead and adjust the spray to the jets. In addition, take the detachable showerhead, while it is set at the stream cycle, and just run it over your long and hard cock. This method will make you feel great.

Waving Peter

This requires a showerhead fitted to a bath. I remove the shower, and adjust the temperature and flow of the water jetting out of the shower tube. Make yourself hard and aim the water jet on your cock, just to one side. If you get it right, your cock will start to oscillate from side to side in the water jet. Feels great.

Ball blaster

I take my normal shower, waiting to save my fun for last. Then I take the shower head, and spray it upward on my balls. The tingling stream of water on my balls feels so great! Then I spray my cock and balls and tummy, moving the spray around and around. Every time it hits my hard cock, it gives a special tingle. After a few minutes of this, I put the shower head between my legs spraying my balls while I stroke myself slowly, then faster and faster until I cum! It's great!

Get (shower) head

The way I have found that really gets me off is to get in the bathtub and take the shower head (this only works if you have a removable shower head) and turn it on its hardest direct stream setting. I push my dick against my stomach, keeping only my index finger on it near the base, just to keep it in place. Then I take the direct stream of water so it's hitting the bottom of my cock right below the head, right in the upside-down V shape there. I lay back and wait till my dick starts getting harder. Just as I'm about to cum I like to stick my thumb up my ass.

Shower power

I remove the showerhead and allow the jet of water hit the shower floor. I then squat on with my hands on the floor behind me and I position myself so that the jet of water that streams down hits on the frenulum of my cock (I am circumcised). It makes the cock vibrate especially if the water pressure is high but the orgasms that I get are very intense and often I can cum up to 4 -5 times again and again.

Shower fun

I like to use the water jet from the shower head to get off. I hold my dick against my belly and let the water burst at the underside of my dick right below the head. I can usually go for 15 to 20 minutes. The hotter the water the better. When I can't stand it anymore I let it go and have the best ejaculation ever. Way better than the usual jerk session. Try it you'll like it!!

Better in the shower

When I masturbate I turn on the hot water in the shower and aim it right on my dick and balls and beat off. The heat feels like the heat that comes from a pussy, so it feels better in the shower than doing it in bed.

Spraying in the shower

I really love to masturbate in the shower every day. I grab my sagging balls tight and I squeeze them hard while I'm thinking of a hot naked woman. I lather up with lots of soap on my cock for lubrication and slowly stroke my cock up and down. Just the feeling of my balls in pain is making my cock rock hard. I start to stroke my cock harder and harder until my cock is red, and my throbbing cock is bouncing on its own. Filled with cum and excitement, I explode into ecstasy, spraying it all over the wall and floor. Now this is what you call an emotional high!

Stimulating shower

I actually discovered this trick by accident when I pulled a groin muscle. I have a hand-held shower head and was using the basic setting on my inner thigh. After a couple of moments I realized the stimulation was very appealing. I started moving it around my thighs and groin and got erect very easily. I used the stream against the base of my cock, along the shaft, and over the head. Then I went lower and aimed it right under my testicles on the perineum and WOW! what a stimulation. At first I just squatted and held the stream there while stroking myself to a monster climax.

A few nights later I actually ran the stream under my cock head, right where the stimulation is the most intense. After a few moments I realized it may be stimulating enough to actually reach orgasm. While fantasizing about my wife watching me, I moved the stream back and forth and concentrated on the stimulation there. Sure enough, before long I got rock hard and was ready to cum. When I finally exploded I was shocked how hard and far I ejaculated. About a week later my wife watched me do it and she stood in the bathroom and masturbated to two orgasms. She told me she never imagined seeing me ejaculate without touching myself would be so hot! Give it a will take some practice but once you find the! Better cover your eyes, you could blind yourself with cum!


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