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Good vibrations

I like to use stereo speakers. Take the cover off and prop it up so you can put your cock against it and turn up the bass. Amazing!

Music makes him hot

I love to masturbate to freaky music. Like if I hear ""Darling Nikki"" or ""Hed Interlude."" That shit is HOT, especially when you envision you in those songs. Oh, and being a truly bisexual man, I get off seeing men and women make out and having a tongue or fingers in my ass. And when I cum, I get a serious rush, especially if it hits my face and mouth.

Music to his cock

I use a big loudspeaker. I put my penis on the loudspeaker cone, play heavy music, and crank the bass and volume. It gives me a great orgasm.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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