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Start and stop

I start jacking off and when I feel my orgasm approaching stop for 10 seconds and then start again. I see how many times you can do it for, the end result is intense.

Toss and stop

My dick goes stiff just thinking about it. Hold you dick like you're holding a pencil, tense your muscles like you're trying to drop a shit, and toss. Every 10 or so strokes, go really fast and let your muscles go, then keep at it. At the point of precum, stop, and go again, until cumming when you stand up and toss as hard as you can, leaving delays of about half a second to really make it shoot.

Stop and start

Wank like normal and get to the point when you feel like you're nearly there. Then STOP, completely and wait until you start to go flaccid again. You can even do another task in between; leave it for about 5 or 10 mins. Then start again and repeat the withholding a few more times. So it'll be about 30 mins since you first put palm to penis. So by now you just want to come and get the orgasm. Now the final time, just go for it and you'll be sooo wanting to spunk everywhere it'll be fucking excellent.

Stop and start

I like to jerk off until just before ""the point of no return"", then stop, and start again. Keep on doing this 15-20 times. ( Haha, like you'll be able to do that. Actually you'll get so hard and horny that you'll jizz everywhere.) Keep a damp cloth handy to clean up. Wash, Dry, Repeat.

Pausing wanker

Wank normally, until you are about to cum stop and wait for five secs, then wank slowly again, until about to cum. Keep doing this five times and then one last time wank hard until you are about to cum. Hold it for two secs (or as long as you can) and cum -- It's fantastic.

All Day Long

I sit back, clear my mind of everything, and I slowly and gently begin to stroke. I let the process progress more and more until I'm about to climax, and then I stop, take a breath, and back off for a minute or two. I go back at it again until I'm ready and that basically depends on my mood. A session could last anywhere from 20 minutes to an entire day of restraining and climaxing late at night.


I love to have a morning shot! So every night I will go to bed naked so that I'll feel aroused every morning. Using the stop and go method I change my position - kneeling, lying on my back, standing in front of the mirror, and finally I'll lay with pillows on my back so that I can’t actually see my penis. Then at the 10th or 15th round I let it go and I'll see my cum flying through the air like fireworks. It falls back on my stomach, sometimes my face. Most of the time I won’t use any lubricant or condom but I'll play soft music.


I like to masturbate with breaks. I do it till I nearly come and then I stop after a little while I go on. This can make earthquake-like orgasms.


I masturbate almost every day. Usually I watch XXX-rated DVDs while other members of my family are asleep. I rub my penis hard and then let go. At about the fourth or fifth time I make myself ejaculate. Sometimes I masturbate in the bathroom using soap to slide my penis easily and I cum right away.

Tease yourself

I turn on porn then relax and jack off. Then when you're about to cum stop. Do this about three times. After that jack fast and when you're about to cum go very slow, and when some starts to come out jack it hard.

Up and down

I mostly just rub my dick up and down, up and down, until I get the orgasm. Then I rub my dick a little slower, wait for about one minute, and do it again. Have fun!!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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