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Sports Fluid

Take a 64 fl. oz. Gatorade bottle. When your dick is limp, stuff it in the bottle with lots of lubrication. Cut a small hole in the top of the bottle. When pushing down the bottle, release the hole. Cover the hole with your finger and pull up to the tip of your erect dick. Repeat. This is also good because clean up is easy.

What's your favorite color?

When I'm horny, I find some lotion and a tube of M&M; mini's and then I lubricate my dick and the inside of the tube. Then I stick my cock into the tube and run it slowly up and down my cock. Sometimes, my cock gets stuck by the suction formed by the tube but it always comes off.

Soft soap

Always keep a dishwashing soap squeeze bottle of mixed mineral oil and Astroglide in the shower for stroking off. Today for the first time I tried removing the bottle cap and pressing the open end against the head of my prick and moving the bottle up and down. It created suction, and the sensation of the lubrication against the open end of my penis got me going. I could feel the sensation all the way to my prostrate. I also like to use a small wet-dry vacuum cleaner with a toy like a pocket pussy. The suction plus the stroking is one big cum and very little clean up.

Get hosed

I like to put my dick into one end of a hose and suck on it the other end till I get an orgasm. It feels so good.

Sucker (Note: this is extremely dangerous and not recommended)

Drop your pants, take the vacuum cleaner and put the end over your soft cock, switch it on and feel the suction pull on your cock making it harder. Slowly start to pull your cock out. (Makes your cock throbbing and making you more and more horny) next lube up and start bashing with a throbbing rock-hard cock making you cum like a torpedo!

Hoover it (Note: This is extremely dangerous and not recommended)

The best orgasms I've ever had are from my vacuum cleaner. To do it, you have to take out the pole thing and suck your cock up in the nozzle. You can move it around till you blow in the hose. Another way is to take the hose out and fuck the hole. Great suction. But make sure no one's around (it's kinda loud).


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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