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Open wide

My favorite way to masturbate is to lie on my back, throw my legs over my head, and then pump the whole load right into my mouth. It tastes great and it is not too filling. Enjoy!


I like going back somersault (ass over face) so my COCK is pointing at my face. This way I can have the clear sticky pre-cum drip onto my face, have great close up looks at my COCK and squirt my load down into my open mouth. I usually squirt twice into my mouth and then splash my face with the rest. I LOVE watching this in a mirror!!

Drink it

Masturbation Tutor technique actually involves swallowing my own cum. It really tastes great and I never miss a drop. Now my wife has no idea I eat my own cum. That is my little secret. My technique includes a simple funnel contraption to catch my goo. I take a small funnel and attach a piece of clear tubing to the end. I lie on my back and stroke my manhood and just as I begin to cum I squirt it down the funnel. I place the tube end in my mouth. At this point you have a couple of options. You can hold the tubing in your mouth and let the cum drain onto your tongue and savor the flavor and then swallow the load. The other technique I have tried involves actually swallowing a short portion of the tubing and allowing the spunk to drain down your throat without even knowing you swallowed it. This idea is a huge turn-on knowing you swallowed your load and never even got a taste of it. My next fantasy involves my wife feeding me my cum through this device or better yet letting me cum in her mouth and holding my cum until she kisses me and forces my load down my throat.

Piggy Bank

I lie on my back and put my dick as close as possible to my face and cum on my face. I eat some of my cum and I spread the rest all over my face. It feels good when I see my cum on my face in a mirror. Try this: Save cum in a container or something, and see how much cum you can save. Then you could use your own cum as lubrication. It feels so great.

Face full

Every now and again I will lay on my back and flip my legs up over my head and masturbate with my cock pointing at my face. When I climax my cum shoots onto my face and into my mouth. Tasty!

A taste of cum

Early during the day I will cum in a condom or plastic bag and then set it aside. Later on when I'm horny again I will warm the cum up to body heat, poke a pinhole in the bag and let the cum drip onto my tongue as I masturbate. The taste of my cum while I'm masturbating makes me even more horny and I have a great orgasm.

Twist and shout

I like to strip naked, get on the floor near my bed, and lift up my legs over my body. I lift up the lower part of my body off the ground, so that only my head and shoulders are touching the ground. I use one hand to hold myself up like this by using the bed to pull myself up, and with my other hand I masturbate, so when I finally ejaculate, the semen squirts me in my face and lips, and even in my mouth.

Like the real thing

I like tasting my own cum, and especially simulating sucking another man's cock with the bonus shot in my mouth.

My best technique (and I tried several) is to cum on a small plate, then use a syringe to take up the cum. Then take a cucumber and carve out a little from the inside of it. Now push the syringe into the cucumber until the syringe's edge almost emerges from the top of the cucumber. Now you can suck the cucumber and when you are ready to swallow the load, press the syringe to shoot the cum. It gives you the real feeling of sucking a guy.

Assume the position

I like to get in the doggy-style position and I fit as many fingers as I can up my ass (normally four). Then I use my other hand to jerk off. Then I get my hand out of my ass and roll on my back and drink my cum. I've been doing this since I was 14.

There he blows

I read stories like this and I get hard as a rock and the pre-cum coats my hand. I lick it off my hand as I continue to stroke until I blow.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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